What is a Ceiling Medallion?

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A ceiling medallion is a decorative circular panel, usually of polymer that can be affixed to the ceiling over the outlet of a lighting fixture, so that the fixture then hangs from the center of the medallion. Ceiling medallions come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit any home d├ęcor and can be matched with crown molding and ceiling trim.

If you think a ceiling medallion might look nice in your home, the first thing to do is decide on a style that fits the era of your home. To gauge the right size, you can use a paper template. A large medallion in a small room will stand out, attracting too much attention to itself, while a small medallion in a large room will look under-represented. Therefore choosing the right size is critical in the overall impression your ceiling medallion will make. Also take into consideration the base of the lighting fixture to make sure its circumference coincides with the inner design of the medallion.

If you have crown molding, you may want to match the design of the ceiling medallion to compliment the molding. If you'd like to add crown molding, vendors that sell ceiling medallions also sell molding. In this case it's easy to find a good match!


Most ceiling medallions are simple to install and do not require professional installation unless you are uncomfortable removing, then reinstalling your light fixture. Some ceiling medallions have a center hole ready-made to pass through the necessary wiring, while others must be drilled. Polymer is very easy to drill so that should not present a problem for most people. If the ceiling medallion you choose does need to be drilled, be sure to drill it before installing it. The medallion itself is normally glued to the ceiling with adhesive provided by the vendor. Since this adhesive could take awhile to cure, it might be easier to use Liquid Nails as it might set faster. Read the instructions of the adhesive that comes with the ceiling medallion to make your own determination.

Ceiling medallions can range in size from 6" (15cm) - 74" (188cm) in circumference. Designs run the gamut from traditional styles to classic designs and floral patterns. A ceiling medallion adds that touch of class to any home, and gives the room a finished, classier look.


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