What is a CD Labeler?

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Whether you buy and download music online, store your digital family photos on CDs, or simply create backup discs with your important files on them, a CD labeler is an important tool for you to own. A CD labeler enables you to create a professional, attractive look for the CDs you burn on your computer. A CD labeler is software that helps users design and print CD labels, jewel case liners, and other related labels or inserts.

CD labelers come in many varieties. Free CD labeling software is available online or inside the packages of labels and inserts for sale at office supply stores. Specialty CD labeling software is also available for purchase.


Free CD labelers are generally pretty simple programs. The software that comes with packages of labels or inserts only contains templates for that brand's products; in other words, CD artwork that you have created with that brand's software cannot be used with other brands' labels or inserts. Also, a free CD labeler program typically has very limited graphics. The software might include a small library of simple images to choose from, but for the most part it will depend on you to import your own images -- and even then, the graphics capabilities of the software might not be able to handle your image. Special effects capabilities will most likely also be limited. However, for novices or those who infrequently have use for a CD labeler, a free program will ultimately look more professional than simply writing on the CD with a permanent marker.

For small business owners or others who require high-quality CD labels and inserts, the flexibility to transfer existing artwork between templates, and the ability to create professional-looking graphics, it is advisable to purchase a high-quality CD labeler program. Such programs are generally compatible with all of the standard, readily available labels and inserts. They typically offer an expanded library of graphics to choose from, as well as the flexibility of allowing you to import your own custom images. These expanded CD labeler programs also offer a wider range of special effects, allowing you greater flexibility and creativity in designing your CD artwork.

When you buy CD labeler software, you will also get many other important features, such as software to organize and burn your playlists. An auto-fill feature accesses the song titles on the Internet and automatically lists them on your label and insert, saving you the time and effort of typing them yourself. Top-of-the-line CD labeler software should also be compatible with CD printers and HP technology that burns the image directly to the disc. Whether you stick with a free program or upgrade to the expanded software, a CD labeler will forever do away with tacky-looking, hand-labeled CDs!


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