What is a Cast Iron Hearth?

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A cast iron hearth is a part of an indoor fireplace. Generally, the word hearth refers to the fire place’s floor and the area extending out around it. A hearth can also be an opening in a wall wherein a fire can be built or a free-standing fire place can be installed. The chimney rests above this section of the fireplace in order for smoke to escape out of the house. Hearths can be built out of a number of fireproof materials, including brick, flagstone, cement and cast iron.

Cast iron hearths are popular because they hold up to temperature changes well and are particularly good at conducting heat. When one part of a cast iron hearth is heated, it quickly diffuses heat to other parts of the hearth, which keeps the section in contact with the flame from overheating. Diffusing the heat of the fire through the rest of the cast iron hearth also helps heat an indoor space more efficiently.

Cast iron hearths are comprised of fireproof materials, making setting a fire in a hearth safe for the family to enjoy. Cast iron itself is an alloy, or combination of iron, carbon and silicon. The alloy is cast in a mold to give it shape and once molded cannot be welded by a hammer, though it can be fused to other cast iron pieces. The final product is brittle, though strong and resistant to heating.


Because of the brittle nature of cast iron, it can be easily drilled in order to attach several pieces together. Cast iron hearths are often made from a number of pieces, which must each be individually molded. The creation of these pieces requires the use of a foundry, which is a factory that melts metal. Before the pieces are assembled, the melted cast iron alloy is poured into molds and allowed to set.

The process of molding allows a cast iron hearth to be designed with intricate patterns. The hearth can display decorative fluting, molding, or other patterning, creating a beautiful and decorative piece. Additionally, cast iron can be easily enameled to add further options in color and pattern. A cast iron hearth can be a beautiful addition to a family or living room, but the hearth’s creation can be expensive, as each piece requires the use of a mold, called a master plan. Any changes in the design of the unit require the creation of a new master plan from scratch.


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