What is a Cast Cover?

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Also called a cast protector, a cast cover is a simple device that fits over any type of cast used to protect a broken bone during the healing process. The covers serve the practical function of preventing any type of damage from occurring to the cast. At the same time, many of the covers on the market today are also manufactured to provide some visual appeal along with the functionality.

There are several different designs for cast covers. Most of the designs use materials that are water resistant, and allow the cover to fit snugly around the cast. Many manufacturers utilize rubber or flexible plastic blends that make it easy to slide the cast cover into place and completely encase the cast. At the same time, the cover does not place any additional stress on circulation, so the flow of blood to the broken bone and surrounding area is not restricted in any way.

One of the main advantages of using a cast cover is that the device protects the cast itself from any type of deterioration that could threaten the healing process. For example, a good quality cover will protect a plaster cast from being damaged by exposure to water. Many people use these waterproof covers to protect an arm or leg cast while taking a shower. Those same covers can also make it possible to go out in inclement weather without being concerned of rain harming the cast.


Along with the practical protection, the cast cover can also be used as a wardrobe accessory. Rather than being stuck with a dull plaster cast, it is possible to purchase several different covers and match them to your normal style of dress. You can go with covers in conservative colors and designs for the workplace, while also having a few brightly colored covers to wear when you are out socializing. Because of the wide range of colors and patterns, it is relatively easy to find covers that will blend in with just about any type of apparel.

It is even possible to design your own personal cast cover. Today, several companies offer the ability to custom design the cover by selecting images, patterns, and graphics supplied by the business. Alternatively, some manufacturers will allow you to create your own design, using electronic drawing tools and software they provide. The design template can be created using online computer technology, which makes the process simple and easy to manage. Once you are happy with the combination of colors and other elements of the design, simply submit it to the manufacturer, and the finished cover will be delivered in a matter of days.

Most designs of the cast cover use materials that make it easy to clean the device from time to time. Quick cleaning is accomplished by simply wiping the surface of the cover with a damp cloth. Other designs are machine washable. In any case, the covers can make dealing with a fracture, muscle sprain, or even a broken bone a little easier to manage, since they do help you to remain more active while also adding a bit of fun to wearing a cast.


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