What is a Cashier Supervisor?

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A cashier supervisor is a popular job that may also be referred to as a head cashier, or as a front end supervisor. In general, a cashier supervisor is responsible for supervising other cashiers and providing customer service. It is a natural job progression after working successfully as a cashier for a period of time, and will typically come with a slight raise in salary.

A cashier supervisor will usually work in retail establishments such as grocery stores or fast food chains, where there is a busy front end, with more than one cashier working at a time. Day to day duties are varied, but the supervisor will usually be someone who is experienced working in this particular environment, and who has worked in the store or restaurant long enough to know the job well. He or she must have demonstrated responsibility, the ability to carefully manage money, and work well with others. A cashier supervisor might be responsible for distributing money to cashiers when they arrive for work, sending other cashiers on breaks, helping other employees when needed, accepting returns to the store, and counting money at the end of a shift.


In addition, a cashier supervisor is also typically responsible for making sure the cashiers are on task and behaving appropriately for work. He or she might also be in charge of maintaining the appearance of the front end, stocking supplies, and making sure everything is clean and tidy. In some settings, the supervisor might be responsible for scheduling employees, or making sure the shifts are covered should someone call in sick to work. The cashier supervisor might also be in charge of selling specialty items that require a minimum age to purchase, such as cigarettes, alcohol, or lottery tickets. If things get especially busy, the supervisor might have to work on a cash register as well.

If a customer has a problem that cannot be resolved by the cashier, the cashier supervisor will likely be responsible for handling it. He or she might have more authority and responsibility; i.e., the ability to offer the customer a discount, or other solution to resolve an issue. For this reason, the supervisor must be friendly, respectful, and possess good people skills. If the supervisor cannot handle it, it can then be passed on to an assistant manager or manager, depending on the business. Many people enjoy the extra responsibility that comes from being a supervisor.


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Post 2

@Moldova - I used to work in a grocery store too, but I mainly worked out on the floor and occasionally worked behind the customer service counter. I liked working behind the customer service counter because I really liked using the paging system and answering the phone.

I guess I liked that I had to multitask in order to get the lines down and help everyone with whatever they needed. I used to love when it got busy like that. I have to say that the biggest of all cashier responsibilities was to give back the correct change.

We were always taught to leave the bill tendered on the till in a horizontal manner and then count back the change to the customer. This would actually keep you from forgetting what bill that the customer gave you or from getting confused if the customer said that they gave you a bill that they did not give you.

Post 1

I remember when I was in college; I worked as a head cashier and actually balanced out all of the tills on certain nights, while working the customer service counter on the other nights.

I really enjoyed these cashier duties because I was able to do a lot of different things instead of just ringing up a customer and bagging their groceries. When I worked in the back office, I had to pick up money from each of the cashiers and count this money as well as enter the information in the computer so that at the end of the night, I would not have to count so much money and would be able to balance out the cashier’s till quickly.

You really have to have an attention to detail because if you make a mistake when entering the information in the computer the cashiers will not balance at the end of the night.

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