What is a Career Personality Test?

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A career personality test is one of the tools that can be used to help a person determine which careers would be a good fit for him or her. These tests are useful at a number of different points in a person's career and can help to bring clarity to career decisions. Career personality tests do not usually recommend which one career a person should choose, but rather gives options to consider based on personal strengths, interests, and values. The quality of career personality tests varies, from online tests that are just for fun and interest to official tests used in career counseling.

Choosing a career that suits one's personality greatly influences a person's happiness and job satisfaction. For example, a person who is extroverted may be more likely than an introvert to enjoy a job that requires constant teamwork and interaction with other people. Some people enjoy completing detailed work and dislike it when there are no clear steps to follow, whereas others find detailed work boring and thrive on rapid change. A good career personality test can help a person avoid careers in which the daily work would be trying and annoying for his or her personality type, and point instead towards careers in which the daily work would usually be enjoyable.


A career personality test can be helpful at a number of different stages in a person's career. Students in high school may take career tests in a class or through the guidance department of the school. This can help them to decide what career path to follow after completing high school. University and college students who are uncertain about what to do with a given degree may take a career personality test to help narrow the options. Another large market for career personality tests is people who are dissatisfied with their current jobs and are looking to make a career change, and are often highly motivated to make a more satisfying choice this time.

Many different career personality tests are available, and they vary widely in terms of their accuracy. Some of the most common career-related personality tests are the Myers-Briggs personality test, the Strong Interest Indicator, and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. It is possible to take career personality tests online for free, but for the most accurate results, job seekers may wish to take an official career personality test from a career adviser. Anyone can offer a free career personality test online, but the official tests will have gone through a development process that makes them more accurate and reliable.


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