What is a Car Pillow?

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A car pillow can refer to one of three different types of pillows. The first type of car pillow is a U-shaped pillow better known as a travel pillow. The second type of car pillow is a smaller, more resilient version of a traditional pillow that often has straps to affix it to a car seat. The third type of car pillow is one that either has an image of a car on it or is in the shape of a car.

The first type of car pillow is better known as a travel pillow. This pillow is U-shaped, and fits behind and around the user’s neck. The pillow should be sufficiently padded so that it supports the neck and head while the user is in an upright position, such as when a person is a passenger in a car or on a plane. Because the travel pillow supports the user’s head, she can fall asleep more easily. The neck and head support from the travel pillow also helps to prevent muscle strain and pain.


The second type of car pillow is one that resembles a traditional pillow, but has straps that help affix it to a car seat. It can either be used to support the driver’s body or as a simple pillow for the passenger. When used for support, the pillow is affixed to either the head rest to support the head or the seat to support the lower back. Some of these pillows even come in ergonomic designs – one type being a slight bowl-shaped depression to better support the body, the other type being a “dog-bone” shape. Car pillows of this nature tend to be made of strong fabrics so as to resist the significant amount of wear they are subjected to.

The third type of car pillow is a pillow that either resembles or displays an image of a car. These pillows are popular primarily with children, but can also be found in the possession of adults. Cars depicted in this way include popular characters from animated series, toy lines, sports cars, muscle cars, and antique cars. They can be made in numerous ways, from simple screen-printing of an image on to a traditional pillow to the pillow actually being sewn and stuffed into the shape of the car.


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