What is a Car Garage?

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A place for cars or other vehicles, a car garage can be many different things. In almost all cases though, it is used to store, park, or work on cars. It can be a private lot at an airport or a mall, or a storage shed with a garage door at a private home. A car garage can be used strictly for model cars at wealthy homes, or it can be a place for car repair at a car shop. With or without car covers, a garage is always a place for storage, and usually for cars and other vehicles.

At many private homes, a car garage is at the end of a driveway, and often used to park family cars in. The garage provides safety from snow, rain, and the elements, and keeps the car warm at night. There are usually one, two, or three car garages, and often are accompanied by a garage door. Some families choose not to use their car garage for cars, instead using it as a type of storage shed for other tools, supplies, equipment, and junk.


Another type of car garage, seen at many universities, large office buildings, and airports, can be many stories high and made of many tons of concrete. With winding levels, some car garages are used to save parking space in big cities. Many times, these garages will have booths at either the entrance or exit, with tickets indicating the price for parking and vendors to collect the money before you leave.

Many car collectors, wealthy garage owners, or just people proud of their cars, use the garage as a place to keep model cars. While some celebrities keep acres-long car garages with the most vintage of vintage cars, other can keep their precious vehicles under car covers in smaller garages. These garages are sometimes used to work on the car, clean them, or just to show them off.

Often places of car repair are referred to as a car garage. These places usually feature one or multiple garages, often with traditional garage doors. The garages are used by mechanics to repair customer's cars. The garages allow cars to be pulled into the working area, where jacks, lifts, and an assortment of other tools for car repair await. The car garage found at the car shop is often filled with oil cans, car parts, and cars in disrepair.


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A garage is a very valuable space for any house. I love to park my car in the garage because in the morning there is no dew on the windows, or it is not freezing cold in winter, or beyond belief hot in the summer.

But garages provide additional storage space in addition to parking the car, which is invaluable.

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