What is a Car Canopy?

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Car canopies are portable devices that provide vehicles with protection from direct sunlight. Available in designs that are open-air as well as enclosed, a car canopy can be used as an inexpensive way to provide shelter for the car at home, or to take along for camping trips. Several sizes of the canopy are available, making it possible to create a temporary carport for just about any size vehicle.

In general, a car canopy is composed of metal framing combined with a canvas roof. The components of the frame are usually manufactured so they snap or fit together without the aid of tools. Once the frame is assembled, the canvas roof is draped over the top of the structure and either tied or snapped into place.

Because a car canopy of this type can be assembled in a short period of time, it is a practical device to take along on weekend camping trips. The canopy provides shelter from the elements, effectively preventing the heat of the sun from warming the interior of the vehicle. The canvas roof is light enough to manage with ease, but sturdy enough to hold up to rainstorms, hail, and other inclement weather than could damage the finish or body of a vehicle.


Sometimes referred to as a portable garage, it is possible to purchase a canopy kit for open-air designs as well as fully enclosed models. Both offer significant advantages over a simple car cover, since the canopy does not prevent easy access to the interior of the vehicle. The kits also tend to take up only a little more room than a standard car cover, which means the kit will fit easily into the trunks of most cars.

Around the house, a car canopy can be the ideal solution for renters who want some type of protection for their vehicles even though there is no garage on the property. Since the car canopy can be disassembled when necessary, it is a simple task to take the device apart and move it when the tenants move to a new location. In the interim, the canopy helps to protect the paint job of the car as well as making sure that the seats and steering column are not uncomfortably hot from sitting out in the sun for most of the day.

In terms of price, there are canopies available at very affordable prices. Typically, a car canopy of this type will be a simple frame covered with a canvas roof. More expensive models often feature walls composed of heavy canvas or lightweight metal panels. The size of the canopy will also play a role in the final purchase price, with canopies ideal for compact vehicles costing a little less, while larger models designed to house recreational vehicles will cost considerably more.


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