What Is a Cantaloupe Smoothie?

Megan Shoop

A cantaloupe smoothie is any smoothie with cantaloupe as the predominant flavor. In addition to containing a large array of vitamins and nutrients, cantaloupe generally has a sweet, bright flavor that can be particularly refreshing in the summer months. The flavor is also usually subtle enough that it blends well with many other kinds of fruits. Those that enjoy cantaloupe smoothies often make them with cantaloupe that is slightly overripe to take advantage of its sweetness.

Escarole can be included in a cantaloupe smoothie.
Escarole can be included in a cantaloupe smoothie.

Those that enjoy a cantaloupe smoothie on a regular basis typically get a nice boost of vitamin C, potassium, beta carotene, and even calcium. This low-calorie, healthful fruit usually blends into a smooth, thick juice that lends its sweetness to the other drink ingredients. When choosing a melon for a cantaloupe smoothie, it is generally important that the cantaloupe be ripe. Unripe cantaloupe is hard and may have an unpleasant, bitter flavor.


Even the novice smoothie enthusiast can identify a ripe cantaloupe with a simple trick or two. The first trick is to knock gently on the rind. If the cantaloupe sounds hollow, its juices are likely flowing easily through the fruit, meaning it is ripe. The second method involves smelling the stem end of the fruit. A sweet and fruity scent indicates that the cantaloupe is ready to eat.

Once chosen, preparing the melon for a cantaloupe smoothie may be done in one of several ways. Typically, the cook slices the cantaloupe vertically down the center and scoops out the seeds. Next, the cook may either cut away the rind and chop the melon into cubes, or scoop it out of the rind with a melon baller. At this point, the cook may use the cantaloupe fresh or freeze it to add thickness to the smoothie later.

The drink-maker also has a wide variety of options when it comes to companion ingredients in a cantaloupe smoothie. The simplest version of this smoothie is usually a combination of milk or yogurt and cantaloupe pieces, blended together until thick. Those allergic to dairy may use water, non-dairy milk alternatives, or fruit juices instead as the smoothie base.

Most types of cantaloupe smoothie include more than one kind of fruit. Muskmelon, honeydew, and watermelon all combine well with cantaloupe’s light sweetness. Strawberries, bananas, and blueberries also work well, though too much of any of these fruits may overwhelm the cantaloupe. Escarole, baby spinach, and other leafy greens may also make a nutritious addition to a cantaloupe smoothie. The cantaloupe usually covers the flavor of these greens, turning a cantaloupe smoothie into a veritable salad in a cup.

Blenders are the easiest way to make smoothies.
Blenders are the easiest way to make smoothies.

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