What Is a Canopy Tanning Bed?

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A canopy tanning bed is a type of portable or home-based tanning apparatus that incorporates a canopy of tanning bulbs positioned over a tanner that's either lying down on the floor or lounging in a chair. Overall, there are three major advantages in using a canopy tanning bed instead of a traditional tanning bed or a tanning booth in the home. One advantage is that the canopy bed is a space-saver that can easily fit into a small corner or a closet. It also costs much less than its full-sized counterparts in purchase price and operating costs. Finally, people of all shapes and sizes can comfortably use it without feeling confined or getting an uneven tan.

One of the greatest advantages of a canopy tanning bed is the fact that it is compact. For people who travel a lot, or who don't have a lot of space for a traditional tanning bed or booth inside their home, this can mean a lot. The canopy tilts into a completely vertical position, and the wheeled base makes it easy to roll the unit into an unused corner or even a closet so it's completely out of the way. Traditional tanning beds and booths, on the other hand, can take up a substantial amount of a room, and in some cases, even an entire room.

Another advantage of a canopy tanning bed is that it is a more cost-effective tanning option. Tanning at home can potentially save a lot of money compared to what is spent by tanners who frequently visit tanning salons. In addition, because a canopy tanning bed has fewer than half the bulbs of a traditional tanning bed or booth, the cost of the electricity required to operate the bed at home is substantially decreased, along with the cost of bulb replacements. On top of that, the total price to purchase a canopy tanning bed is also much cheaper, generally about half of what a traditional tanning bed costs.

Perhaps the best advantage of a canopy tanning bed is that it is user-friendly for all types of tanners. Unlike traditional tanning beds and booths, canopy beds work well with any body type and height. Overweight individuals sometimes find traditional tanning beds uncomfortable or too confining to use. Taller-than-average individuals sometimes find their feet hang over the end of a tanning bed and their head may hit the ceiling on a tanning booth, making neither an acceptable option. Since canopy tanning beds are fully adjusted and meant to accommodate people of any height and any weight, almost anyone can find a way to comfortably use them in their homes.

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