What is a Cane Holster?

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A cane holster is a case created to hold a walking cane. Cane holsters are made to hold the folding types of mobility canes. A cane holster allows the user to fold and store the cane when it's not needed so that his or her hands are free.

A cane holster with an attached strap is made to be worn over the shoulder or over the neck. The strap is often adjustable. Some cane holsters are made with a clip to attach to a belt or other piece of clothing. Cane holsters are usually black in color and may be made from a wide range of durable materials such as leather, denim and nylon.

Cane holsters are used on the go, whereas cane holders are used in the home. Some types of cane holders are metal clamps that attach to a table or other surface. When the top of the cane is pressed into these holders, a mechanism holds the cane in place.

Another type of cane holder used in homes is a stand that may look sort of like a vase. The end of the cane is placed into the cane holder stand. These stands are usually movable, but many people place one in each room such as the bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen.


Some people with mobility problems like to use a heavier wooden cane in the home and a lighter folding metal cane outdoors. A cane holster to store the folding cane in is ideal for those who wish to walk without using the cane, but have it ready in case it is needed. A cane holder is great for holding the folded cane when the user is traveling in a vehicle. Cane holders are also great for storing the cane at home, perhaps in a hall closet ready for the next trip outdoors. Cane holsters and cane holders are used by people with mobility problems such as arthritis as well as by those with vision loss.


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