What is a Candle Party?

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Candle parties are a common sales strategy employed by independent distributors to promote and sell candles produced by a specific company. Usually structured to be a mixture of a festive atmosphere and a sales presentation, they draw together a group of people who are ultimately shown the current line of candles offered and provided the chance to purchase them. While a traditional candle party takes place at a physical location, it is also possible to hold an Internet version and process real time orders.

Home candle parties are the most common application of this strategy. In this scenario, a distributor invites friends and acquaintances to attend the party and enjoy refreshments along with a little shopping. Home parties may be relatively intimate affairs, with the host or hostess issuing invitations to a select group of potential buyers. However, many distributors follow a pattern of issuing invitations to a core group of attendees and then offer free gifts or samples to anyone who brings along a friend.

The home is not the only possible setting for a candle party. A distributor may choose to go with a larger venue, such as the clubhouse of an apartment complex. While the event is likely to be less of an intimate gathering and more of a formal sales effort, the advantage is that more people can attend and the chances for higher sales increases.


A third approach is to assist a non-profit organization to hold these parties as a means of raising funds for the organization. These fundraisers can be profitable for everyone, including the distributor. In many instances, the candle company extends a buy rate to the distributor. The distributor in turn offers a slightly higher buy rate to the non-profit, who then prices the products at a price that will allow the organization to earn a profit.

Since the 1990’s, the idea of holding a virtual candle party online has become an attractive option. Thanks to the advances in voice and real time video streaming online, people can be invited to an online party and have the chance to view the products for sale, ask questions about the products, and place orders. While not as intimate as the home type, an Internet candle party does offer the advantage of inviting guests from anywhere in the world to attend.

Many of the candle companies that use agents to move their product lines provide some rudimentary training to new distributors. The training often includes suggestions on how to set up a home business, as well as acquaint the novice with the total line of candles and supplies offered by the company. Included in the orientation training are ideas on how to plan and promote different types of candle parties and be successful with the effort. This is in the best interests of the company, since a successful candle party not only means earnings for the agent but also for the company itself.


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Post 6

A candle party is also a name given to a specific type of candle, also known as a big cake candle, or a bottle sparkler, or champagne sparkler, etc. The trademarked name for this candle is Nite Sparx.

Post 5

Actually a "Candle Party" is also a euphemism for a group of women getting together for some lesbian exploration, using candles or other household items.

Of course, with the reduced stigma on self pleasure adult items, the term candle party came to be less and less relevant.

Post 4

I also do in home candle parties. I have awesome products and am obsessed with candles, hence why I started my candle business. We have soy candles now and I am so excited! I offer free event planning services in addition to that I get to give away free products to my hosts! I love getting paid to party!

Post 3

@gardenturtle: She doesn’t go to the parties with the intent of selling. However, once everyone sits around and enjoys the aroma and the peacefulness that the candles bring, they almost always ask her if she has any with her to sell.

She hosted a party last year with no intent at all of selling candles. She ended up making $375 because everyone loved her candles so much!

Some of her candles literally smell good enough to eat!

Post 2

Does your sister sell candles at these parties?

Post 1

My sister makes homemade candles. She has her own shop and it is the most awesome place to visit. As soon as you walk in the door, it is the most peaceful feeling. She has signs up that give interesting facts about candles. She also hosts candle parties. I had never heard of them but a lot of older people that are into yoga and meditation call upon her to host parties.

Some of the things that I have learned from her about candles are:

It is said that the most frequently burned candles are in the living room (42%)

The kitchen is the second favorite room for candles (18%)

Bringing up the rear is the bedroom at 13%

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