What is a Canadian Securities Course&Trade;?

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The Canadian Securities Course™ refers to a study program that qualifies students to become mutual fund representatives in Canadian provinces and territories, except Quebec. The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) offers the program, which consists of two examinations, each containing 100 multiple choice questions that have to be answered within two hours. Individuals who wish to embark on a career in the Canadian securities and financial services industry often start by taking the Canadian Securities Course™. Some investors also take the Canadian Securities Course™ to learn more about portfolio management.

To complete the Canadian Securities Course™, a student has to pass two exams. The students can take paper exams or computer-based exams. Each exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions, at least 60 of which have to be answered correctly. Once enrolled, a student can take the exam at an exam center within one year. The exact date of exams depend on the student and the schedule of the exam center he or she chooses.

The study material covers the Canadian securities and financial service industry, including applicable laws and regulations. Students have to be able to read financial statements and understand various financial instruments. They learn to analyze companies, industries and markets to predict the way they will affect investment performance. They also learn to set investment goals and allocate investment resources to achieve those goals. The course material also covers acceptable industry practices and ethical standards.


The CSI estimates that the material will take between 135 and 200 hours to study. The CSI supplies several study tools to help students learn the material to be tested in the exam, and students can choose to get an online textbook or a hard-copy textbook. Additionally, they can also get online study tools for an extra fee.

The online learning system lets the student track his or her progress against learning objectives and goals. It has interactive features, tests at the end of study chapters, course updates and a calendar that the student can personalize. Academic support staff frequent the online discussion forums to help students learn. Students can also download six audio podcasts, each about 10 to 15 minutes in length, that explain basic concepts and terminology and summarize the study material.

The fee for the Canadian Securities Course™ includes one attempt at each of the two exams. If a student does not pass the two exams within one year, he or she can pay a fee to extend the enrollment period. If a student fails an exam, he or she can re-take it up to two more times at an extra cost.


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