What Is a Camera Robot?

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A camera robot is a small device that is capable of taking pictures or visually recording information without being held and manipulated by a human. These devices can be used in a variety of ways, including security cameras, traffic cameras and speed cameras. A camera robot replaces the need for a human to be physically present, making camera robots useful for exploring in dangerous situations or extreme terrains.

There are many uses for a camera robot, both personally and commercially. Government agencies use camera robots to generate revenue from traffic and speed cameras. These devices are able to automatically take multiple pictures of a vehicle that runs a traffic light or goes above the speed limit. Based on the data gathered from the camera robot, fines and tickets can be issued to the appropriate party.

Professional robotic cameras are widely used in broadcast transmissions that require compact, easy-to-maneuver cameras. Robotic cameras also are often used by security companies as surveillance equipment. Miniature robotic cameras are regularly used to help doctors see inside the human body and make an accurate diagnosis based on the pictures and the images that are transmitted by these cameras.


A camera robot also can be used in a personal environment. The device can be placed on a table or mount, and the camera will automatically take candid photographs of the surrounding environment. Individuals can use a camera robot as a way to record or take pictures of a special event such as a birthday party. For an individual who is too busy hosting an event to take pictures, a camera robot can be a great way to capture the moment.

Many people are doubtful of the quality of the pictures and recordings that can be obtained with robot cameras. There are, however, many camera robots on the market that can provide high-quality photos and videos. Many cameras come equipped with features that help prevent pictures from being too blurry or too dark. Although robotic cameras can be a little more expensive then regular ones, they offer a great advantage — they can be set up in a strategic place and then left alone, and they will continuously take pictures or record the environment.

The robotics industry has continued to grow, and new products have been developed each year. Scientists have even developed a robot camera that mimics the movement of the human eye but at a higher speed. Also, sophisticated equipment such as robotic video systems with high-definition cameras are widely available.


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Post 4

@David09 - Well, there is always a dark side to the force. I happen to think that the surveillance camera system does more good than harm. Just recently I saw in the news where they were able to nab a guy who tried to rob a convenience store. They tracked him using images gleaned from the security camera.

Seriously, how some robbers think they can get away with this nonsense is beyond me. Cameras are everywhere these days. Anyway, they got a clear image of the guy and were able to identify him and track him down. It turned out he was a serial offender so his whereabouts were on file.

Post 3

@miriam98 - The speeding ticket camera doesn’t scare me. The spy camera does. There is a whole cottage industry now of spy cameras and surveillance cameras of every sort imaginable, from the wifi robot camera that is Internet enabled to tiny cameras that can fit into key chains and take pictures surreptitiously.

I really don’t think that we have any privacy anymore. What’s terrible is that these cameras can be taking pictures of you without you knowing it! Yes, in many cases it would be illegal but how would you be able to prove it?

Post 2

@SkyWhisperer - The article is quite illuminating, not merely for what it says about the technology but also for how it’s being used.

It plainly says that governments use the robot video camera to raise additional revenue. So we have here a plain admission of the real purpose of speeding tickets! They’re revenue generators.

Of course that much is probably obvious to most people but the official explanation is that they help deter speeding and encourage safer driving. While I don’t doubt that they do that, I think in many counties the law enforcement actively looks for ways to give out speeding tickets simply to generate revenue.

Post 1

I am certainly not doubtful of the picture quality from a robotic camera system. I got a ticket for speeding from one of these things! Up until that time I had only heard that they were used for those purposes but it wasn’t until I got the ticket that I believed them.

They sent me the date and time along with my driving speed and a snapshot of my license plate. Those are some pretty advanced robots in my opinion if they can snap a picture while a car is speeding.

At any rate they had all the evidence they needed so I had no choice but to pay the speeding ticket.

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