What is a Calorie Counter Watch?

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A calorie counter watch is a device that allows the user to track the amount of calories he or she burns during an exercise session. The term "calorie counter watch" is slightly misleading, because such a thing does not exist on its own; the calorie counting feature is usually added onto a pedometer or heart rate monitor watch in order to accurately estimate calories burned. This device can be an excellent way to track weight loss goals, however.

A calorie counter watch is worn on the wrist like a wristwatch. If the calorie counter is part of a heart rate monitor, it may also feature a chest strap that is worn simultaneously, for real-time measurement of heart rate. If the calorie counter is just part of a pedometer, however, it may just be a wristwatch, measuring steps with swings of the arm.

To use a calorie counter watch, it will generally be necessary to enter height, weight, and age into the device ahead of time, so that it can more accurately measure body fat percentage and exertion. During the workout, the watch will display distance or steps traveled as well as calories burned. If it contains a heart rate monitor feature as well, the user can also determine if his or her heart rate is in her target heart rate zone for fat burning.


These watches may also include time and stopwatch features, as well as the ability to switch the display with the touch of a button. Some of the more expensive fitness watches may be connected to a computer, and will be able to upload their data to be viewed in chart or graph form. This can be a great way to track progress and see improvement. Finally, a calorie counter watch may even have a GPS feature as well, to track terrain traveled and create maps.

Keep in mind, however, that a calorie counter watch only tells part of the story in regard to calories. While it does clearly display the amount of calories burned, it does not include or take into account the amount of calories one has eaten that day. It is the responsibility of the user to keep track of the amount of food he or she is eating, either independently or with an online calorie counter. The fitness watch will then be much more useful, as one can then know exactly how many calories he or she needs to burn off in order to lose weight for the day.


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Post 2

BrickBack- There are many calorie counter wrist watch, but the best calorie counter watch is found in a sporting goods store like Sports Authority.

The more features that a watch has the more expensive it has. Most of the watches start at about $50.

If you have heart problems you should consider the heart rate monitor calorie counter watch because it will tell you at what capacity your heart is working.

A heart rate of 60% is ideal, but your heart rate goes up to 75% or 80% you will have to slow down and ease the intensity of the exercise.

That is the nice thing about the monitor that it allows you to exercise safely

. The heart rate calorie counter watch is a great invention even if you do not have a heart condition because it will tell you if you need to pick up the pace or if you are working too hard.

Most of these calorie counter watch reviews can be found on Consumer Reports. You can sign on for a temporary free membership for about a week and take a look at what their recommendations are.

Post 1

A pedometer calorie counter watch is really great to have because it measures the steps that you take when you are walking.

They say that 10,000 steps equals five miles and this the recommended level of exertion in order to lose weight.

Having a watch with a calorie counter allows you to see how your movement will impact the number of calories that you burn. It is actually very motivating and may cause you to do more exercise because you are addicted to the number of steps changing as well as the calorie counting mechanism adjusting.

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