What Is a Caller ID Manager?

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Caller ID manager is a type of telecommunications tool that makes it possible for subscribers to filter inbound calls based on the automatic number identification (ANI) capabilities of the telephone system. This type of management tool can be used with landlines, as well as with mobile services and Internet-based calling services. The general idea behind any type of caller ID product is to allow end users more control over what calls actually ring through, and which are blocked.

With most caller ID manager products, the process allows the end user to designate specific numbers that are allowed to ring through without fail. This listing can include loved ones, business associates or anyone else that the caller wishes to receive inbound calls from without any type of qualification or delay. Some systems will even allow the end user to assign a special ring to those numbers, a measure that allows the subscriber to be sure that the inbound call is from someone who is known and trusted.


Along with allowing for a listing of acceptable telephone numbers, most caller ID solutions also allow for the blocking of specific numbers. When this feature is available, the call is not allowed to ring through at all, meaning the subscriber is not interrupted by a ringing telephone. Use of this service can often help to reduce the number of unwanted calls from organizations that are not prohibited from calling by a state or national do-not-call registry, but are not considered desirable by the subscriber.

Many caller ID manager systems are also helpful when it comes to calls from unknown numbers or even callers who block the display of their telephone numbers via the caller ID feature. The software can be set to automatically route the unidentified caller to an automated message, providing the caller with the opportunity to make an identification that is then provided to the end user. If the end user does not wish to accept the call, it is disconnected. Some systems will go as far as to automatically add the number associated with the rejected call to a filtering list, preventing that number from ringing through in the future.

Caller ID manager systems of different types are often provided by telecommunication companies as add-on features for landline or mobile services. Internet-based telecommunication companies also offer this service more often than not, as the demand for Internet-based telephone services has grown substantially since the beginning of the 21st century. While no caller ID manager product can successfully block all undesirable inbound calls, most will effectively manage the vast majority of those calls, allowing subscribers to exercise a great deal of control over who is able to reach them at home, in the office, or while on the go.


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