What is a Call Center Manager?

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A call center manager is the person in charge of the center’s operations and staff. He may oversee a center that takes inbound, outbound or both types of telephone calls. The center in which he operates may be large or employ only a few representatives.

Expediency and customer service are typically two of a call center manager’s major concerns. Whether the calls are coming in or going out, he normally monitors them closely to make sure employees are adhering to the call quotas established by the center, the customer or both. The level of customer service is also important. The manager typically listens to taped interchanges to determine if quality communication standards are being met, and customers are being treated with respect and friendliness.

If the call center handles inbound calls, the communications are normally from customers or potential customers. Most questions and comments concern product or service features and may be positive or negative in nature. Some inbound call centers only process orders and do not deal with questions, comments or complaints. The call center manager typically assists representatives in answering atypical inquiries or resolving conflicts.

Outbound call centers normally require the staff to obtain marketing and demographic information from the people they contact. They may also attempt to sell a product or service to the people they contact. The manager at these types of call centers often tracks the phone activities of the employees to gauge their rates of success.


Other than observing and evaluating employee performance, a call center manager normally runs the center’s overall daily operations. This generally entails meeting with supervisors and team leaders to identify and resolve internal administrative or personnel problems. Industry advancements and client concerns are generally frequent topics of discussion.

Screening, hiring, training and terminating staff are normally part of a call center manager’s job description. He traditionally interacts with human resources on the development and revamping of recruitment tactics and brainstorms with them on improving training programs. Incentive, reward and bonus programs are often discussed by the human resources team and the call center manager.

A significant number of call center managers are in charge of the center’s operating budget. This normally requires them to prepare reports and summaries as well as budget projections for review by the owner or general manager of the center. Senior call center managers may be asked for their input on budget issues.

A high school diploma or equivalent is normally required for this position. Higher education in business administration or operations management is desirable. Successful experience in sales, marketing or customer relations is a plus for a call center manager job applicant.


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