What is a Caddy?

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Caddies are assistants who provide support to golfers during the course of the game. While the usual approach is for the caddy to walk the course with the golfer, it has become increasingly common for the caddy to drive a golf cart to transport the golf bag and clubs along with the golfer from one hole to the next. Along with providing physical assistance with equipment, a caddy may also provide helpful tips on which club to use for a given shot or suggestions on stance and other aspects of the game.

The golf caddy is usually an employee of the country club or the public golf course, rather than a private employee of the golfer. When this is the case, golf caddies may be assigned at the time that the course is reserved or when the golfer arrives to begin play. Depending on the regulations for the event or the traditions of the country club, different styles of caddying will prevail.

For events that are sponsored by professional golfing associations, traditional caddying is the common form. This type of caddying involves golf caddies walking with the golfers from one hole to the next. Traditional caddying allows ample time for the caddy and the golfer to plan strategies for the next hole, go over the use of clubs, and other factors that may impact the game.


Fore-caddying is a different approach to the role of the caddy. Instead of walking with the golfer, the caddy proceeds ahead of the golfer. This is helpful because the caddy will move ahead to locate the ball for the golfer, which helps to keep the game moving along. The caddy will also move ahead and make preparations at the next hole. By the time the golfer arrives at the hole, the caddy has prepared the tee and usually already has a recommendation for which club to use.

The third approach that a caddy may choose to use is referred to as cart caddying. Essentially, the caddy will deposit the golfer at the proper hole, then drive on to locate the spot where the shot landed. In this respect, cart caddying is a form of fore-caddying. The caddy will remain with the call until the golfer arrives and perhaps recommend a strategy for the shot.


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Working as a PGA caddy can be a rewarding career. You will earn a decent salary along with bonuses if your golfer does well in tournaments.

In order to be successful in this career, you will need to learn and understand as much as you can about the game of golf. You should gain experience by getting a job at a golf course and by volunteering at local golf tournaments in your area.

Networking with other caddies is important as well.

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