What is a Cabbage Soup Diet?

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A cabbage soup diet is a type of diet plan that involves eating one thing all day for the duration of the diet. That one food choice is cabbage soup. A person on a this type of diet will eat either cabbage soup only or cabbage soup and very little else for the entire length of the diet. This diet is intended for those who want to shed extra pounds quickly.

There are many different recipes for the cabbage soup consumed as the focal point of the cabbage soup diet. For example, one recipe for cabbage soup includes cabbage, water, chicken soup flavoring, broth, or soup stock, seasoning, peppers, and onions. Along with this meal, which is typically consumed a couple of times per day, the dieter may eat fruits and vegetables. Plenty of water is encouraged, and milk is allowed as long as it's skim. On a couple of days per week, a dieter may be allowed to eat a small amount of lean meat, and a baked potato or rice side is allowed at least once per week.

According to proponents of the cabbage soup diet, dieters can lose about 10 pounds (4.53 kg) per week with this weight loss plan. However, they recommend following the diet for only one week at a time. If dieters want to try another week on this diet, it is best to wait a bit first.


This diet is low-calorie, so it can lead to fast weight loss. However, this weight loss doesn’t come without a price. First among the problems is the fact that cabbage soup doesn't provide adequate nutrition for the average person; human beings need well-rounded diets with a variety of nutrients that guard the health, and this diet doesn't provide that. Likewise, it may not provide enough calories to ensure the proper function of the body. At the very least, the constant cabbage intake is likely to cause painful gas.

Another problem with the cabbage soup diet is that it's difficult to stick to. Many people become bored with eating the same things day in and day out. They may give up on the diet long before they've met their weight loss goals. If they do stick to it, they may find that it's not very practical. It will probably be hard to find cabbage soup on the menu at most restaurants or served at their friends' dinner tables.


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@chrisinbama: This is the recipe that I used. I got it out of a health food magazine. I actually lost 13 pounds. For this recipe, you need: ½ head of cabbage, 6 large green onions, 2 green peppers, 1 can of tomatoes, 3 carrots, 1 container of mushrooms, 1 bunch of celery, 1 package Lipton soup mix, 2 bouillon cubes, 1 48-ounce can of V8 juice (optional). Spices to taste.

Slice the green onions and sauté them in a pot with cooking spray. Cut the stem off of the pepper and cut it in half. De-seed it and then cut into bite size pieces and add to the pot. Cut the cabbage into bite size pieces and add to the

pot. Clean the carrots and mushrooms, slice them, and add to the pot. Add bouillon cubes for seasonings.

You can either add 12 cups of water or you can do 8 cups water and the can of V8 juice. Cover the pot and turn the stove on low. Let it cook for a couple of hours. Add spices as you want.

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How do you make cabbage soup?

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The cabbage soup detox diet is great for very fast weight loss but has its pros and cons. Changing our eating habits and getting used to not eating as much junk food or fried food is always a plus. Also, vegetables that come from the Brassica family (cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli) are known to aid in the prevention of cancer.

Every good thing seems to have a negative side, as well. Many people complain that the soup just doesn’t have any taste to it. How about the fact that cabbage causes gas? Imagine eating it every single day! You are missing a lot of necessary nutrients that your body needs by limiting yourself to this diet. Also, the sodium level is a little high.

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