What is a Business Speaker?

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A business speaker speaks at corporate events such as meetings or conventions. Business speakers may also be authors or entrepreneurs. Many speakers for business functions have overcome personal challenges to achieve much success and they relate these experiences to help inspire and motivate other businesspeople. A business speaker must always be an expert in an area and often has education and training in that specialty. The term business keynote speaker refers to the note or theme of an event and the speaker speaks on that theme or subject.

For example, if increasing sales is the focus of a meeting, having a business speaker who is a proven expert in doing just that hits the right note or keynote of the meeting’s purpose. If the meeting’s theme is international trade, however, then a business speaker with experience in the study of globalization and trends in business worldwide would be a better choice. No matter what a speaker’s specialty area is, successful business speakers share at least five characteristics.


First, a good business speaker speaks clearly and avoids awkward pauses and filler words such as “er” and “um.” Second, engaging business speakers understand how to maintain eye contact with the audience no matter how large the crowd might be. Third, an experienced public speaker knows how to use humor in any presentation without overdoing it. Fourth, professional business speakers either have their speech memorized smoothly or they occasionally glance at notes written in point form — they never read their entire presentation directly from their notes. Fifth, an effective business speaker understands the power of visual materials and always employs them.

Printed handouts that attendees can glance at throughout the presentation are common visual aids that speakers use. Many business speakers also use technology-assisted visuals such as computer generated images or graphs that illustrate his or her main points. Visual teaching aids can be quite powerful as many people are visual learners.

A business speaker may be hired by a company to empower employees with information and motivational stories that may propel workers to take the initiative in their work and put in their best effort. Many motivational business speakers have experienced personal setbacks of some kind, but overcame them to become a success at what they do. Their true stories do often inspire others. Contacting a professional public speaking organization such as the National Speaker’s Association headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, may be a good way of locating a business speaker.


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