What is a Business Promoter?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Business promoters are individuals, agencies, or software tools that are utilized to publicize or promote goods and services to consumers. A business promoter may accomplish this goal by using traditional advertising and publicity methods or make use of newer technology to attract attention and earn new customers. Promoters can work with any type or size of business and help to increase the chances for success.

Some online and software-based business promoters focus on keyword and contextual advertising.
Some online and software-based business promoters focus on keyword and contextual advertising.

In terms of individuals, the business promoter may function as an employee or as an independent contractor. When part of the company, the promoter will often work with sales and marketing personnel to develop effective campaigns to reach new customers or to promote new products to existing ones. The promoter will also work with public relations personnel to increase public awareness of the company and the products it offers. Often, there are a number of projects in operation simultaneously, with some promotions being long-term and general while others are short-term and specific.

There are also agencies that handle the basic functions of business promotion. In this setting, the business promoter is often called in to evaluate the existing public relations, sales, and marketing efforts of a company, then create new campaigns that draw on the strengths of previous efforts while also enhancing the image of the client with the general public. Many agencies specialize in various types of business promotion, such as entertainment, sports, or consumer goods.

One of the latest incarnations of the business promoter is in the form of software programs. Designed primarily for use with promotion efforts on the World Wide Web, the software provides the tools necessary to create effective online ads, promotional articles, web sites, and other tools that can help create an effective presence on the Internet. Traditional businesses that want to expand to Internet sales or companies that function as an Internet business only are equally able to use this type of software effectively.

One of the great things about a software-based business promoter is the ability to work simultaneously with different online resources, thus keeping the promotion effort under control and somewhat unified. For example, the software can easily manage to work with different search engines to analyze keywords and keyword phrases that help to enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Those keywords in turn can be worked into promotional articles, graphic-rich advertisements, or even simple text only ads that can be placed on a broad range of web pages. Many of these software packages can also track results associated with a given ad or article, making it possible to fine-tune the online efforts and more effectively promote the business.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Comfyshoes- I love getting those free pens. I just want to add that a business can also promote itself my sponsoring a charity event. It not only gets the company name out, but also establishes goodwill within the community.


I just want to add that a small business can promote its company by giving away promotional items that offer the company logo, name, address, and phone number.

These items could be stress balls, pens, calculators, calendars, or paperweights. The general idea behind these items is that by giving this keepsake a customer, they will be able to remember the company or firm.

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