What Is a Business Ethics Network?

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A business ethics network is used in reference to organizations that are specifically formed for the furtherance of the goals or ethical considerations in the practice of business. Such groups are usually in the form of professional business organizations or Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) that are started with the intention of catering to the furtherance of the practice or application of various business ethics by the members of the organization. The business ethics network may be formed for individuals in the business world, in which case the membership will be based on an individual basis. Otherwise, the membership of the organization will be drawn from corporate entities, rather than individual members. In the case of the corporate entities, their employees will participate in the business ethics network since the members of the company are the ones to consume the corporate ethical practices in order to inculcate them in their practices.


One of the aims of a business ethics network is educating the members regarding the various ethical business practices that apply in both local and international settings. Sometimes, employees may be well-versed in the ethical business practices that apply to the local region where the business is situated, while they may not be as knowledgeable regarding the ethical considerations that apply in business dealings with companies in other countries. Such knowledge is essential with the increase in globalization and the desire by most companies to increase their global reach and international customer base. The employees in these companies will benefit as a result of the fact that the membership of such organizations are often drawn from many countries, giving the employees an opportunity to gain from the extensive experience of different members regarding the practice of business ethics.

Another benefit of a business ethics network is the fact that it gives the members a platform for interacting with other employees from other companies, allowing them to share ethical practices in their companies and to suggest different methods for the improvement of the practice and scope of the concept. This may be achieved through regular collaborative activities, including the provision of materials related to the study of ethics to the members, including educative documentaries, pamphlets and books that cover various aspects of the topic. For instance, the network could educate members about ethical practices in different industries and different countries, including the manner in which the customs of the people in such areas may have shaped their practices.


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