What is a Business Coordinator?

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A business coordinator is someone who is central to all the different business processes in the organization. The primary function of this role is to manage the flow of information between the different areas or modules of the business. It is not uncommon for the different areas of a business to become disengaged from the other areas of the organization. The coordinator works to break down these information silos and encourage cooperation.

There is no specific training program to become a business coordinator. However, most candidates have completed a post-secondary training program in business administration or related training. The career path to this position is usually a series of changing circumstances and not a specific career plan.

Typically, the coordinator is hired into an administrative assistant position. Over time, the business needs may change, so that more support is required to coordinate activities and information in multiple areas of the organization. The ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing, is very important in this role.

Someone who has a great attention to detail and is not afraid of conflicting projects is ideal for this role. Many organizations have a policy to promote staff from within wherever possible. In order to qualify for this role, it is important to prove you are able to handle the additional requirements of this role. Volunteer for a small project that involves multiple areas.


Work on a committee or participate in a social event planning session that requires cooperation from different groups. These opportunities are a great way to showcase your skills in a way that your supervisor can easily evaluate. Be sure to keep your supervisor informed of your progress and your aspirations.

In large, multinational firms, a business coordinator is assigned to every central service. For example, there is a business coordinator in financial services, payroll, human resources, asset tracking, and supplies. The coordinators meet on a monthly or quarterly basis to review the related work, project statuses, and share information.

The business coordinator typically reports to the department head for his or her specific area or service. In some organizations, this position also reports to the head of business process management, but this is quite rare. The career advancement path for a person in this position includes opportunities in administrative management, business manager, or senior business coordinator. This type of position does not usually work overtime and is paid an annual salary.


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@Mariposa - Try searching under business manager or administrative services manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they can make anywhere from mid $60,000/year to mid $80,000/year.

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Does anyone know how much this type of job makes? I tried looking it up and had a hard time finding it.

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This article nails it on the head in terms of being an administrative assistant first. I work as an admin assistant and I'm learning more about how to run a business than ever before. I know more about HR and budgeting just by doing Excel projects, for instance.

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