What is a Business Advisor?

Mary McMahon

A business advisor is a consultant who provides business owners with information that will help them run their businesses more effectively. Advisors can be consulted on a one-time occasion to assist with streamlining or improving a business, or they can play a more active role, offering recurrent advice sessions to their clients. Many business advisors offer one on one consultation along with business classes designed for groups of people, such as new business owners. Classes can provide a low-cost way to access business advice that is especially useful for people who may not be able to afford a full private consultation.

Business advisers often meet with employees.
Business advisers often meet with employees.

Business advisors have business experience that they can apply to solving problems, identifying potential areas of concern, and helping businesses expand and grow. When a company hires a business advisor, the consultant may spend some time reviewing records, visiting the premises, meeting with employees, and talking with the business owners about their goals and the history of the business. If there is a specific area of concern, the business advisor can focus on that.

Many business advisors offer one-on-one consultations.
Many business advisors offer one-on-one consultations.

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These advisors provide people with information about legal matters, the best practices used in their industries, common trends and pitfalls, and other things. A business advisor can help people find out where and why a business is going wrong so they can turn it around, in addition to assisting people with the development of a new business or a new branch of an existing business. Referrals to organizations a business may find helpful along with professionals like accountants may also be offered.

Working with a business advisor can be highly beneficial for a business, large or small. Advisors have years of experience tempered by knowledge gained through working with numerous types of business. This can be applied to a variety of businesses and situations to help them succeed. The goal of working with a business advisor is to improve profits, whether it is by operating more efficiently, improving customer service, or expanding a customer base.

Some business advisors work as independent consultants. Others belong to group practices. It is possible to access business advice through community organizations and government agencies as well. People like new business owners, minority business owners, workers in key industries, and individuals opening up businesses in areas identified as being of special concern can often obtain free business assistance. Information about such assistance can be obtained through local government agencies.

Some business advisors offer classes designed for groups.
Some business advisors offer classes designed for groups.

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SCORE is a great nationwide organization that provides small business advisor services for free to people who are interested in starting their own business but don't have the training, education or experience needed to navigate the legal, financial and practical aspects of incorporating and starting a business.

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