What does a Bus Driver do?

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A bus driver drives a multi-passenger to transport individuals from one location to another. Bus drivers are usually required to obtain a special license in order to operate a bus, and classroom instruction may requried in addition to behind-the-wheel training to prepare for the job. The duties of a driver will vary according to the type of bus driven. A public transit bus, an intercity bus, a motor coach, and a school bus are some common types of vehicles driven by a bus driver.

Public transit bus drivers may provide transportation across small or large regional areas. Days and nights can become long on the road for a transit bus driver, because they often have to drive for extended periods of times. For this reason, transit bus drivers commonly take rest stops in order to give both the driver and passengers a break from traveling. Common duties of a public transit driver may include planning travel routes, collecting tickets from passengers upon boarding the bus, and answering questions about destinations.

Intercity bus drivers commonly drive a city bus and may only transport passengers within the city limits. Frequent stops may be one of the more repetitive duties of a intercity driver. Generally, these stops are at common locations within a city. Such locations may include busy intersections, shopping outlets, restaurants, and other heavily populated locations. Other requirements of this position may include being familiar of the traveling area, planning routes in advance, and collecting bus fees.


Public transit and intercity bus drivers typically take the buses to a bus terminal at the end of a shift. Commonly, each of these drivers will prepare a report that will have to be submitted daily. Drivers of a intercity or public transit bus will generally need to be very familiar with the locations in which they will travel, due to the amount of questions commonly by passengers. A transportation or traveling agency may employ a public bus driver, or they may be employed by the government.

Motor coach bus drivers typically drive tour buses or chartered buses. Many regions frequently visited by tourists employ motor coach drivers to carry tourists around the area to sight-see and learn more about the region they are visiting. A motor coach driver may work with tour guides to ensure which locations will be stopping points for tourists, who may even get an opportunity to get off of the bus and explore the area. In some instances, the motor coach driver may also hold the title of a tour guide.

School bus drivers are a common type of bus driver. The main duty of a school bus driver is to safely transport children from their home to school and back. Bus drivers for a school will typically pick children up from their homes or at a common bus stop. The drivers may also transport children and accompanying adults on field trips. In addition to obtaining a bus license, school bus drivers may also have to obtain special certifications to drive a bus, including becoming certified in first aid.

Bus drivers commonly have to undergo a physical examination periodically to ensure good health and vision. They may also be required to submit to a background check. One of the main duties of driving a bus is to provide good customer service. For this reason, one important duty of a bus driver is to interact with people of varying temperaments on a daily basis while ensuring safe transportation from one destination to another.


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Post 6

@literally45-- From my experience, most bus drivers do their job very well while a few don't. I had a few negative experiences with drivers of public transit buses. But for the most part, bus drivers are great, they follow rules and are very kind as well.

Post 5

@literally45-- I'm sorry to hear that. I never had that type of experience. There was discipline in the school bus I used. There were very clear rules about what we could or could not do in the bus. And if things every got out of control, the bus driver would stop the bus and make sure that everyone calmed down.

I think your experience was an exception. For most schools, the school rules also apply to the school bus. The bus driver can and does report issues to teachers and the principal. So students cannot misbehave. If a bus driver is not doing his or her job properly, students should tell their parents about it so that the authorities can be informed.

Post 4

I wish school bus drivers were more stern with students and kept them under control. When I was growing up, a lot of ragging took place in the school bus. There was just no discipline whatsoever, and I was a victim of ragging too. Things were fine in school because the teachers were very good about discipline. But I used to loathe taking the school bus. And my house was one of the last houses the bus drove by, so I spent a lot of time in that bus just wishing I was home already.

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