What Is a Budget Hearing?

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A budget hearing is a meeting where members of the public can sit in on talks regarding an organization’s budget. In most cases, nonprofit companies or government agencies and institutions are common users of these hearings. A city or school, for example, may hold a public budget hearing to discuss certain aspects of upcoming projects and expenditures. The public can usually question or make comments on the budget and its items. Budgets typically relate to taxes, making the budget important to many individuals.

Most government organizations and agencies provide public announcements regarding a budget hearing. The statement gives a date, time, and location for the meeting; potentially large meetings may have multiple locations to handle the crowds. A brief list of topics for the budget and the meeting in general may also be available beforehand. Announcements may be on local television or radio stations or posted on signs in local areas. Government organizations often have requirements to post notices on these meeting types.

An annual budget hearing is often the most common type of meeting. This is standard as government agencies make plans each year for taxes, expenditures, and appropriations. Holding an annual budget hearing also allows the agency to have enough information on hand to accurately discuss financial obligations. Tax changes may occur due to previously passed legislation or new requirements. Discussion on the use of these taxes may be necessary to ensure the organization or institution uses the new funds properly.


A government may need to hold a budget hearing in order to obtain a vote for budget approval. The purpose and intent of the meeting or hearing depends on the state or local government or organization’s rules. Laws and rules are necessary to protect the use of taxpayer funds. A budget hearing may also result in the delay of certain topics or shelving of certain projects. A majority “no” vote or a meeting that takes too long may result in this result at the hearing.

The attending public may have concerns or even protests regarding a budget. For example, a budget hearing may include talk on salary increases for board members or perks for certain members. This often creates difficult budget hearings as some may not believe the individuals earned these increases. Other times, attendees may dispute the use of funds or changes to the government agency or organization’s operations. Debate about the use of funds can be quite heated as different individuals have different ideas for the budget.


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