What is a Buckle Bunny?

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A buckle bunny is a sort of rodeo groupie, a woman who seeks out rodeo performers who excel in competition. Like groupies who follow other sports and musical groups, buckle bunnies are rather famous for dressing and behaving in sexually suggestive ways, and some seek out intimate relationships with people who compete in the rodeo. While male versions of the buckle bunny undoubtedly exist, women tend to dominate the rodeo groupie community.

There's certainly a lot to like about rodeo performers, even if you aren't a buckle bunny. Rodeo is a very rugged, demanding sport, and top competitors are at the peak of their physical condition. Rodeo stars also embody the mythology of the West, in the eyes of some observers, as they demonstrate skills which are associated with the Western lifestyle, from calf roping to barrel racing. Like other top athletes, rodeo stars may not necessarily be devastatingly attractive, but they make up for it with their unique skills and the glamor of competition.

Buckle bunnies are named after the buckles which rodeo competitors typically receive as prizes. Many of them follow favorite stars around the competition circuit, or attempt to make time to see particular athletes when they perform in neighboring areas. A buckle bunny herself may not be able to ride a horse, but she has admiration for someone who can, and many also have an appreciation for Western culture which allows them to enjoy watching rodeo events.


As is the case with other groupies, buckle bunnies are often assumed to be extremely uninhibited and very interested in physical relationships with the rodeo stars they follow. Many of them dress the part, wearing tight pants, suggestive tops, and high heels, and applying makeup with a heavy hand. An experienced buckle bunny also takes the time to stand out from the crowd, choosing to wear flashy colors or developing a skill such as dancing to distinguish her in crowded afterparties and other events associated with rodeos.

For rodeo cowboys, an entourage of buckle bunnies is undoubtedly flattering. Many buckle bunnies also offer things like places to stay and homecooked meals, which can be nice for someone enduring the rigors of the rodeo circuit. Presumably some also offer physical companionship, although others prefer to admire from afar.


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