What is a Bronzer Brush?

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A bronzer brush generally looks similar to a blush brush, but has softer bristles and is larger for a more diffused application. These brushes are designed so that bronzer can be applied quickly and evenly over the skin for the “sun-kissed” look. Other types of bronzer brushes are angled for precise application rather than a diffused glow. Brushes are available with synthetic, natural, or mixed bristles. Some of these brushes are actually made with a compartment in the handle which holds bronzer powder for quick application.

The best bronzer brushes are very wide and fluffy to the touch and rounded at the top. A brush which is too small or dense will not achieve smooth results very easily. The purpose of using bronzer is to get summer color without the damaging effects of the sun or indoor tanning. An angled brush may be desired for precise application of more color around the cheeks or other areas.

Typically, brushes made of natural fibers are softer and easier to clean than synthetic ones. A natural bronzer brush may be made out of goat, rabbit, or even squirrel hair or fur. Another option for these brushes is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. This type is generally lower in price, and still very easy on the skin. Both of these options are good for sensitive skin, so long as there is no allergic reaction.


Synthetic fiber brushes are a less expensive alternative to natural fiber brushes. A synthetic bronzer brush may be soft enough for anyone who does not have sensitive skin, and the lower price may make them a better selection for some. Cleaning synthetic brushes may be different for each brush, as there are many materials they can be made of. The way a brush is constructed is also important to know before cleaning, as some use glue which will not hold up under hot, soapy water.

Some brushes are made with bronzer powder in the handle or an empty compartment to be filled with bronzer powder. The powder is then released into the bristles by either tapping or twisting the handle. This type of bronzer brush is usually ideal for quick application, less mess, or to pack for travel.

Proper application for any kind of makeup typically requires the right brush. Understanding why a larger brush is needed for bronzer can help a person avoid the mistake of uneven application with the wrong brush. Using one brush for two different kinds of makeup without cleaning it between them can also cause problems with application, so it is important for individuals to have a bronzer brush that is only used for that purpose.


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Post 3

Some foundation/face brushes can also be used as a bronzer brush. I think the important thing is that the brush is cruelty free and made as environmentally friendly as possible.

Post 2

@burcinc-- I don't have a specific recommendation. Just get a bronzer brush that's large, thick, dense and very soft.

My bronzer brush has synthetic bristles but they're extremely soft and pick up the perfect amount of pigment. The issue with some bronzer brushes is that they either pick up too little pigment or too much. So if you can try out the bronzer brush at a store before you buy it, that will be good. If you can't try it, at least read reviews to see if it works well.

Also, my bronzer brush has a slight dome at the top. It's not a totally flat bronzer brush. I think this helps with the application.

Post 1

I've been using an angled blush brush from my makeup brush set to apply my bronzer. It works okay but the color is not always even. My bronzer has several different tones as well as a shimmer. So I need a brush that will pick up color from the entire compact and distribute it evenly on my skin.

I'm on the lookout for a nice bronzer brush. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? What type of bronzer brush is best for a natural bronzed look?

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