What is a Broadband Phone?

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A broadband phone is a phone that operates over a high-speed Internet connection rather than a traditional telephone line. These phones allow individuals to have telephone conversations as long as they have a connection to the Internet. Some people prefer to use broadband phones because service is typically available at cheaper rates than those available with a traditional telephone line. Likewise, broadband phones often allow for conversations that are just as clear as those one might have over a traditional phone line. There are drawbacks to broadband phone use, however, and one of the major issues is the fact that the phone won’t work when the Internet connection is poor or unavailable.

Broadband phones provide telephone connectivity over the Internet. Instead of transmitting phone calls through traditional phone wires, these phones work by converting a person’s voice into digital packets. These packets are then sent via the Internet. The person who is listening on the other end hears the caller's voice because the digital packets are then converted to analog signals before they reach his ear.


Some people may prefer broadband phones because they can maintain service more cheaply than with traditional landline service. They are also convenient for people who already have broadband Internet service, as it is usually not necessary to have a technician visit to set up the service. In most cases, a broadband phone works just like a traditional phone. To use this type of service, a person need only purchase a regular phone, which can be corded or cordless. When he wants to make a call, he can simply lift the receiver and dial. Likewise, a broadband phone will ring and can be answered in the same manner as a traditional landline phone.

A person can typically enjoy all of the features he would expect with a landline phone via a broadband phone. For example, a person can get voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting with a broadband phone. These features typically cost more than the basic broadband phone service. Many service providers, however, offer bundled packages that include basic services and a range of features for a reasonable price.

While many people are satisfied with their broadband phone service, there are some drawbacks to this type of phone. One drawback is the fact that a person needs an Internet connection to use the phone. If his Internet service is interrupted, a user will be temporarily unable to use the phone. Additionally, a person may experience sound-quality issues with a broadband phone. This is not, however, always a problem, as many people enjoy clear service or experience sound-quality issues only on rare occasions.


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