What is a Bridal Makeup Artist?

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A bridal makeup artist is a professional beauty stylist who specializes in applying wedding day cosmetics. Traditionally, bridal makeup services were sought for the bride only, but many bridal makeup artists now do makeup for the bride's attendants as well as the groom and his groomsmen. Male grooming is the common term that refers to makeup and other beauty care techniques used for men. A bridal makeup artist working today is usually skilled in applying flattering wedding day cosmetics to both men and women.

Working with many different skin colors and types is also important in the bridal makeup industry. Being able to perfectly match and skillfully apply foundation to each client is crucial or it could ruin the look of the wedding photographs. An anti-shine foundation that still creates an attractive glowing appearance to the skin must be used, as otherwise a glare from the camera may cause poor-looking photos. Applying makeup that will last through the wedding day is essential. A bridal makeup artist must understand what clients need and expect from cosmetic products.

In order to become more employable, a bridal makeup artist may also style hair. Special occasion hairstyles as well as makeup must be elegant and beautiful. Wedding makeup artists must have training in cosmetic applications for the camera. Some bridal makeup artists specialize in work for the film industry or live theater.


A mobile service is necessary for bridal makeup artists to offer. They must have a reliable vehicle and all of their cosmetics ready to serve clients at their homes or wedding locations. Typically, a bridal makeup artist consults with the bride a few weeks or months before the wedding. The basic resulting look of the makeup is discussed. Bridal makeup artists must be confident that they understand how to work with the bride's unique skin tone and facial features.

Marketing services for bridal makeup artists often include a website portfolio that prospective clients can click through. The portfolio should show makeup applications on different skin tones and colors. A typical way for a newly trained bridal makeup artist to build a portfolio is to do wedding makeup for friends or family members and use photographs of them on her website. Once the makeup artist has clients, client photographs and testimonials about the stylist's service are usually added to the site.


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