What is a Brick Patio?

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A brick patio is an outdoor area that has been paved for easy entertaining and recreational pursuits. Brick patios are a common fixture for restaurants and residences, and can easily be created and installed in a few days or weeks. Some suggest that hiring a contractor to build a brick patio will ensure a superior job, but some home improvement enthusiasts also suggest that a lovely and professional-looking brick patio can be built by anyone with a bit of knowledge and patience.

Although a brick patio can be built in any shape, careful measurements must be taken in order to ensure that the correct size, shape, and amount of bricks can be purchased. The ground must be carefully leveled and angled to ensure that runoff from rain drains properly. Some experts recommend laying a base layer of crushed stone or other material to ensure a solid base, followed by a tarp or garden fabric that will prevent weeds or other plants from growing in between bricks. After the bricks are laid, they are typically packed together by filling in cracks with sand or more crushed stone, making the patio more stable and solid.


If building a brick patio without professional assistance, some experts recommend doing a trial run to ensure that the bricks fit together as planned. Once ground is level, this is done by laying the bricks out in a desired pattern. This simple step can quickly show the amateur mason whether more bricks are needed, or if some must be cut down to conform to the planned shape.

To maintain a brick patio, wash occasionally with a hose and be vigilant for signs of weeds or moss. If moss, mold, or unwanted plants do appear, some patio enthusiasts suggest easy removal by spraying the patio with a high-powered hose or sprayer. If leaves or seeds shed on the patio, sweep the debris away quickly to prevent any seed pods from getting under the brick and taking root.

Brick patios make excellent recreational spaces for outdoor dining, playing, or simply relaxing. For those who enjoy grilling outdoors, placing a grill or barbeque on a plant-free patio can reduce the chance of accidental fires. Adding a brick patio to a residence can not only give a yard a refined and lovely air, but can also make the yard more functional and easy to enjoy throughout the year.

While everyone can enjoy the comfortable outdoor space during the summer, a partially covered brick patio can extend its use even to rainy months, making an excellent setting for a heated outdoor reading or resting nook. To turn a brick patio into a cozy winter hideout, use awnings or existing overhangs to create an outdoor roof that partially covers the patio area. Add durable padded outdoor furniture that can be warmed up by blankets and soft pillows. A small outdoor heater can help turn this comfortable area into a year-round pleasure, great for curling up with a book or mug of cocoa on a chilly day.


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Post 3

A nice twist on a brick patio is to also include a brick walkway into your yard or garden. This addition creates an inviting design that opens up your patio into your yard.

Post 2

I think that the hardest part about building a brick patio is choosing the best style and type of brick for your home. You will have many options for both.

A good way to start planning your brick patio is to start at your local home improvement store. There you should be able to find brochures or books with different brick patio designs to help you get some good ideas for your own brick patio.

You can also look online to find different brick patio styles and the different types of bricks to use to create them in your own back yard.

Post 1

If you are planning to build your own brick patio, it is a good idea to buy a few extra bricks and keep them on hand. Then if you ever need to replace a brick due to damage, you will be able to quickly replace it with a new brick that will fit right into its place.

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