What is a Breastfeeding Pillow?

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One of the newer baby products on the market is the breastfeeding pillow. This U-shaped cushion is designed to fit around a mother's waist to support her baby as she nurses. Because the breastfeeding pillow sits on the mother's waist, it puts the baby at the correct height for nursing. This puts less strain on the mother's back. The breast feeding pillow doesn't only ease Mom's strained shoulders, however, it can also be used to assist bottle feeding father as well.

A breastfeeding pillow should cushion baby without being too soft. You want your baby to be able to rest on it, not sink in. Your baby's head and body should be supported in a position that comfortably allows her to nurse. Keep in mind, however, that you may not be able to sit in your rocker comfortably with a breastfeeding pillow around your waist. If you prefer to nurse in a rocker or glider, a breastfeeding pillow is probably not for you. If you like to sit on a couch or bed when you nurse, you're going to love your breastfeeding pillow.


Look for a breastfeeding pillow with a zippered cover. Since your baby is going to be resting on it several times a day for feeding, it stands to reason that it might get a little messy. The cover should be easy to remove and launder in the washing machine. Many breastfeeding pillows come with attachable pockets. These can hold a book, toys, nursing pads, burp cloths or other supplies you might need when you're breastfeeding. Like the breastfeeding pillow itself, the pocket should be made of a machine-washable material.

The breastfeeding pillow isn't used only for nursing. When you sit your baby inside the pillow, she's receiving support so she can sit up on her own. She'll also enjoy climbing and crawling around on the breastfeeding pillow after it's placed on the floor in front of her. When she's older, your child will enjoy resting on the pillow while she's reading or watching television.

If you're planning on nursing your little one, you might consider a breastfeeding pillow for support. It will help ease a tired back and shoulders, leaving your hands free for other tasks such as reading and cuddling.


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