What is a Braided Rug?

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A braided rug is an area rug for use in the home that is fashioned by braiding strips of fabric together. This type of rug can come in any size or color combination, and they are available in many shapes such as round, oval, rectangle, and even heart-shaped. People can choose which type of rug they like the best: some are flat, having been constructed of flat folded lengths of fabric, while others have some cushioning thickness because they have been made from tubular braids.

Home with a country decor can often be complemented with a braided rug. People have long appreciated the homey, nostalgic charm of this style, and its practicality. A braided rug is reversible, durable, and normally, machine washable. Many different fabrics can go into the rug, from the simplest cottons to the finest wools.

In some circles, this rug is also called a rag rug. The name comes from the practice of rug makers long ago who ripped apart old clothing to make a new and useful article. While for many, the craft of making their own rugs has all but disappeared, others have embraced making them as a new-found hobby. Many craft suppliers still provide instructions on how to make them, offer braided rug kits, and sell the necessary supplies.


The braided rug reached the zenith of its popularity between 1890 and 1910 during the Arts and Crafts movement. The decadence during the Roaring 20s took the lowly style out of favor, but by the 1930s and the Great Depression, interest once again accelerated because of economic necessity. Since those times, the popularity of having this type of rug in the home has waxed and waned, depending on an individual's choice of home decor.

Today, people can buy braided rugs at furniture stores, major retailers, home furnishings specialty shops, or online at rug suppliers. Information is also available for those who want to try their hand at making their own. Whether purchased outright, or created by hand, a braided rug can add years of charm and warmth to a home.


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