What is a Braided Hose?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Braided hoses are one of the most commonly used types of hoses on the market today. Considered a versatile reinforced hose, different sizes and configurations of the braided hose are used around the home, in manufacturing plants, and in municipal utility systems. Essentially, the hose can be utilized to move both liquid and gases from a point of origin to a destination safely and efficiently.

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Woman posing

The feature that helps to make the braided hose unique is the reinforcement that is woven over the tubing of the hose. Depending on the size and intended purpose for the hose, a single segment or multiple segments of yard cord or wire is woven over the body of the tube. The presence of the wire or cording enhances the integrity of the hose, and helps to provide the device with added strength.

While some braided hoses are almost rigid in their construction, they are also hose products of this type that are highly flexible. One example would be the hoses designed for use in providing water to a garden. While the cording or wire helps the tubing to remain intact even when there is a great deal of water pressure, that reinforcement does not prevent the hose from being rolled for easy storage.

There is a wide range of uses for braided hoses. Essentially, they can be utilized for the transfer of air, other gases, and liquids under low or high pressure. Steel braided hoses are especially helpful in manufacturing situations, where they can be used as part of hydraulic systems or to safely transfer liquid or gaseous chemical compounds through a production process. It is not unusual for the air hoses used in factories to clean machinery during each shift to be some type of braided hose.

It is important to note that the angle for the cording or wire used to reinforce the braided hose tubing may differ from one product to another. In some instances, the cording will run parallel to the body of the tubing. Other designs call for the wiring or cording to be angled so that a crisscross pattern is created. The choice of design is normally determined by the intended use for the hose, and will help the product to meet any safety standards that may apply to its use in a given industry or setting.

Braided hoses of different types are found in many different retail outlets. Auto supply houses will feature hoses that are braided. Factory or industrial supply houses will also offer a number of braided hose products of all sizes and configurations. Many manufacturers also provide easy direct ordering by telephone or online.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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