What Is a Bosna?

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Bosna is both a type of sausage and a common street food sandwich that is eaten in Austria. Generally, bosna sandwiches include one or more spicy bratwurst sausage links in bread that can be in slices, or in the form of a cradle like a large hot dog roll. Though many variations exist, the traditional version of the sandwich is topped with onions, mustard, and a sprinkle of spices, and may also have ketchup or grilled peppers. They are similar to a large hot dog, but are most often eaten with two sausages inside the white bread roll, which is usually grilled with the sausages for a toasty finish.

The spices used on a bosna are generally a blend of curry spices called a curry powder. Common spices used in curry powder blends are many, but include spices like cumin, tamarind, and turmeric. Some variations of the bosna also have paprika sprinkled with the curry. Many restaurants have special, secret spice blends that they claim make their bosna better or different than other bosna sandwiches.

Shopping for the right type of sausage for this sandwich is easy, since the type of bratwurst sausage types used in a bosna are also called bosnas or bosnawurst. These sausages are made from pork and veal, and the blend of spices, though varied, tends to lean toward the citrus side. Common flavors in bosnawurst include lemon zest, marjoram, and coriander.


A popular food for people who are out at bars, bosna is most frequently consumed by an inebriated person who has purchased the sandwich from a street vendor located near a bar. These vendors can be in food serving trucks, but most often have food serving carts similar to the ones used by hot dog vendors. In fact, they often serve hot dogs as well. Some vendors sell these sandwiches from a vending window or counter in a shopping plaza. These sandwiches are also frequently found at outdoor gatherings like carnivals and street fairs, especially if alcoholic beverages are available.

Austria is a country in Central Europe with neighbors that include Slovakia, Hungary, and Italy. It is also located next to Slovenia, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. Austrian food is most often recognized for its coffee, its pastries, and its meat dishes. In particular, Austria is known for its sausages, which appear frequently and in a wide variety in many popular Austrian dishes. The sweet dessert dish called strudel is a popular and well-known type of filled Austrian pastry that is a sought-after treat for tourists and those who live in the country.


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