What is a Bose Wave Radio&Trade;?

Ken Black

A Bose Wave Radio™ is a radio produced by the Bose Corporation that uses a special technology to produce a premium quality sound. The technology is referred to as waveguide speaker technology, and is one of the many Wave® products from the Bose Corporation. The technology is mainly used in radios, but other components are available in a Bose Wave Radio™ that makes it useful with a computer and CDs. Some can even be used with portable digital music players.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The main advantage some listeners find with the Bose Wave Radio™ is the clarity of the sound. The company markets its product as being able to produce a much fuller sound than products of comparable size. In fact, the sound quality is so good that many may even use it as their primary stereo source in the home, the company claims. In addition to the standard radio, there is a larger Bose Wave Radio™ known as the Acoustic Wave Music System II®.

The technology behind the Bose Wave Radio™ is a 26-inch winding tube known as a waveguide. There are two inside the radio unit, one on each side. These waveguides are tuned in such as way that they are able to produce a more lifelike sound from the speakers through amplification. These speakers are generally slightly larger than those on a traditional clock radio.

Like most radios, the Bose Wave Radio™ has many of the same features that any other radio would have. It has an alarm that can be set to an alarm or music setting. Some models have CD players. Many have input jacks, allowing one to connect a digital music player. All of the models have earphone jacks, just in case you need to listen to music or the radio privately. Using earphones will likely not produce the same quality sound, as the output bypasses the waveguide system.

The system's dimensions are not much different than any other radios in the industry. It weighs just under nine pounds (approximately four kilograms). The standard unit is 4.2 inches (10.7 cm) high, 14.6 inches (36.8 cm) wide and 8.6 inches (21.9 cm) deep. The height may be slightly taller than other clock radios, but that is because of the speakers and waveguide system.

Very few retailers sell Bose Wave Radios™, but they may be found in places that sell upscale home theater systems or quality audio systems. Bose also has some stores located throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Still, for those who want to be sure they can find one, the best option may be to order online through the Bose Corporation's Web site.

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If you've ever heard a Bose Wave Radio or anything using Bose waveguide technology, you'll want one. We're talking about great sound and -- perhaps most importantly -- clear bass out of a small unit. Those cats at Bose seem to work constantly on getting more out of less and realize that space is at a premium for a lot of people.

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