What is a Boot Camp for Women?

Kelly Ferguson

Attending a boot camp for women gives some women the opportunity to reach a higher level of physical fitness without the feeling of being in competition with men, who are frequently thought to be superior to women in strength and some other areas of physical fitness. Many women have also grown tired of ineffective workouts and weight loss plans and want to find a solution that can provide dramatic weight loss results without making unrealistic promises. Others may have simply realized that, in order to be successful with a weight loss program, they need some guidance and discipline from a trainer. A boot camp for women can provide a structured, disciplined program for women like this that may make the difference between success and failure.

A woman doing push-ups.
A woman doing push-ups.

Motivation is one of the biggest problems that many women face when attempting to complete a workout program. Life hassles and fatigue often get in the way of a workout more days than not, and diminish the positive effects that may have been achieved. A boot camp for women is an appealing choice to some women because it sets aside specific times at which exercise must be completed and meetings must be attended, leaving little room for excuses. Also, the encouragement and pushing that trainers offer help individuals push harder while exercising and develop more discipline for times when the exercises must be completed without the help of the boot camp instructor.

Another benefit that a boot camp for women can provide is an education in proper nutrition and exercise techniques. Information about diet and exercise can be difficult to understand or obtain, because there is a huge amount of conflicting, confusing information available on the subjects, not all of which is practical or even correct. Attending a boot camp for women for several weeks and receiving direct instructions from a professional fitness trainer can help attendees develop a fairly personalized nutrition and exercise plan with current, accurate, and safe information.

The same factors that give many women success may be a problem for others. Most of the time, a boot camp for women will require a fairly regular time commitment, often for at least an hour a day, several times a week for many weeks. Additionally, the exercises meant to be performed in between boot camp meetings are subject to the same interruptions and motivational struggles as regular workouts would be. Nutritional plans may also be difficult to follow strictly in normal daily life, especially when preparing separate meals for the rest of the family. Finally, depending on the program, the price to join may be substantial.

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