What is a Bodystocking?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

A bodystocking is a one-piece article of clothing worn to cover a person's torso, legs, and sometimes her arms. Bodystockings resemble pantyhose or stockings, except they cover most of the body instead of just the legs. They are sometimes compared to unitards. A unitard, however, is often worn as an outfit or article of clothing. A bodystocking is usually considered a piece of lingerie or underwear.

Bodystockings may resemble pantyhose.
Bodystockings may resemble pantyhose.

Often, people confuse bodystockings with cat suits, leotards, and other types of dancewear. They aren't usually worn as costumes for most types of dancing because they are designed to be very revealing. In some cases, they may be worn under a belly dancer's or exotic dancer's costume.

Bodystockings are meant to be worn in place of underwear.
Bodystockings are meant to be worn in place of underwear.

One of the benefits of wearing a bodystocking is that underwear is not required. This one-piece garment is designed to replace underwear, though some styles may be more comfortable with a pair of panties. There are even some that have built-in fabric that provides extra support for busty women. Other women may consider the one-piece style a disadvantage, however, as it's necessary to remove most of the stocking in order to use the bathroom. If a woman wears it under her clothing, for example, she'll have to remove her shirt and then pull the bodystocking down before using the restroom.

Bodystockings come in many different styles and feature a wide variety of materials, including lace and fishnet. These undergarments are most often made from the same soft, smooth materials used for ordinary pantyhose and stockings. As with pantyhose, they can be sheer or opaque. A sheer bodystocking usually hugs the body’s curves and shows off the body parts that are normally covered by clothing. An opaque bodystocking, on the other hand, is harder to see through but still hugs the curves of a woman's body.

The sheer type of bodystocking is usually worn beneath a person's clothing or by itself as lingerie. Since it does not provide for much coverage, it isn't usually considered suitable outerwear. Sometimes opaque bodystockings can be worn as part of an outfit. For example, a bodystocking may be paired with a skirt and a blazer. In such a case, the top of the stocking would serve as a shirt.

Some bodystockings may provide enough coverage for donning under sheer blouses. For example, the torso may be made of satin or a similar material that can be worn under a blouse without revealing too much. There are even some bodystockings designed with dense lace patterns that conceal a woman's body while allowing her to show off the bodice of the stocking.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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Actually, the way to go is a crotchless bodystocking. I sometimes wear the crotchless variety to ease the bathroom situation. I wear a string bikini panty on top of it. The body stocking stays on all day and panty makes me feel fresher. The body stocking forms to your body and is somewhat supportive. This also eliminates the crotch from falling.

For whatever reason crotchless body stockings eliminate the issue. Body stockings are very intimate lingerie apparel and are very erotic for the bedroom. I like to wear them to feel sexy.


Not all of them are bad. You can get crotchless ones that eliminate the bathroom problem. Admittedly, I only have one, but I do use it.


@Azuza - I don't think it's true that all bodystockings aren't flattering. I personally have a fence net bodystocking that I think looks really good (although maybe I'm not a good judge of fashion, you never know.)

I actually wore my fence net bodystocking under a Halloween costume one year, and it wasn't that much of a pain to use the bathroom. However, I only wore it for a few hours, so maybe I wouldn't like dealing with it for a whole day, I don't know.


@indemnifyme - Yeah, I couldn't imagine trying to use the restroom at work in a bodystocking. That being said, I also don't think they make very good lingerie either!

I've seen a few catalogs with bodystocking pictures in them, and they seem to be pretty unflattering on most body types. Most women would look better in a cute bra and panty set or a pretty nightie than in a bodystocking.

I'm actually pretty surprised these things are even still sold in stores. I don't think I know a single woman who owns one!


I've never worn a spandex bodystocking myself, but I have seen them in stores. I personally can't imagine wearing one as anything but lingerie!

First of all, bodystockings just don't look all that comfortable! Second of all, as the article said, they seem extremely inconvenient for everyday wear. You would have to take off almost all of your clothes in order to use the bathroom. Most people just don't have that much time when they go for a bathroom break at work or school!

It seems like you could just wear a camisole top and a slip or control top pantyhose to get the same effect with less trouble.

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