What Is a Body Wrap?

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During a body wrap, fabric is wrapped around the body along with a wrapping substance made of various herbs, minerals, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. The tightly wrapped fabric creates a type of thermal cocoon around the body, causing the person undergoing the body wrap to sweat away toxins and excess water weight. Body wraps can have many benefits, including detoxifying the body, making the skin firmer and younger looking, moisturizing the skin, and taking off inches. There are many kinds of body wraps, and each has its own specific benefits. Some of the primary types of body wraps are moisturizing wraps, detoxifying wraps, and weight-loss wraps.

Before a body wrap, an individual’s skin is cleansed and exfoliated, often with some kind of sugar or salt scrub. Next, either the wrapping product is directly applied to the body, or wrapping cloths are soaked in the wrapping product. Finally, the entire body, with the exception of the head, is wrapped in wrapping cloths. While it is important for the wrap to be snug, it shouldn’t be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. The body will stay in the wrap for about 20 minutes, then the wrap is removed, the wrapping substance is cleaned off, and the skin is moisturized.


While most people think of a body wraps as procedures that are done in spas, body wraps can also be done at home. Many body wrap kits are available commercially for at-home use. These are designed to address some specific need, whether it’s losing weight, making the skin firmer, moisturizing the skin, or reducing cellulite.

One very popular type of body wrap is the herbal wrap, which uses a combination of herbs and essential oils. Most herbal body wraps are primarily considered detoxifying body wraps. These types of wraps, however, have other benefits. An individual who undergoes frequent herbal body wraps will probably notice a small weight loss that can be measured in inches, but not as much as can be seen with other types of body wraps.

Those interested in a body wrap for weight loss should consider a mineral body wrap. A mineral wrap, which typically includes some type of clay or mud, is reported to both help an individual lose inches, and reduce the look of cellulite. A mud body wrap will also help to increase the circulation and detoxify the body.


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