What is a Body Groomer?

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Also known as body razors, body groomers are personal shaving tools that are used to trim, thin, and contour hair on areas of the body other than the head. These tools can be used by a personal groomer offering the service at a health spa or similar facility, or may be used in a private setting, such as the home. While both genders may use electric body razors for personal grooming, the devices are primarily developed for male grooming purposes.

The typical body groomer looks a great deal like the electric clippers and razors that are used in a barber or styling shop. Designed to fit easily in the hand, a men’s body groomer operates with the use of standard electrical current. Some makes and models of the groomer also make use of battery capacity, a feature that allows the groomer to be used when an electrical outlet is not readily available.


A body groomer will come with several different blade attachments. Each attachment is designed to allow the user to engage in different types of grooming activities. There is an attachment that can be used to thin chest and stomach hair, while a different attachment can be adjusted to trim the length of the hair with relative ease. Attachments that are intended for use in areas where the hair is to be removed completely, such as on the back and the nape of the neck, are also a common accessory that is sold with the body groomer. Most manufacturers include detailed instructions for which attachment to use in order to achieve the hair contouring desired, up to and including completely shaving various areas of the body.

Care and maintenance of a body groomer is similar to caring for an electric razor. The blades must be kept clean and dry, and free of any stray hair that is picked up during the grooming process. Battery operated models should be charged regularly in order to preserve the life of the battery pack. From time to time, replacing the blades and the protection screen found on most models will also help to extend the life of the device. Manufacturers generally include a list of recommended maintenance in the packaging for the groomer, making it relatively easy for the consumer to understand exactly how to care for the device.

While many people prefer to purchase a personal body groomer for use at home, it is also possible to have the body hair contouring done by a professional. The process is not unlike scheduling a traditional haircut at a styling salon. A number of spas and health clubs offer body grooming services for both men and women. One benefit to this approach is that the personnel who undertake the grooming are trained professionals that know how to use a body groomer and the associated attachments to best advantage. A professional grooming session helps to ensure there are no areas overlooked in the grooming process, and that there is little to no skin irritation after grooming in complete.


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