What is a Body Emulsion?

Body emulsion is simply another term for body lotion or body moisturizer. It refers to a thick opaque liquid that can be used to moisturize the skin on almost all parts of the body. People use body emulsion to treat dry, ashy, or sagging skin. Some skin care companies sell emulsions that are formulated to treat specific skin conditions such as age spots, wrinkles, and cellulite.

For the best results, body emulsion should be used after bathing. During a hot bath or shower, the skin softens and the pores open. Once the skin can has been patted dry but is still soft and warm, a body emulsion can easily sink in and begin to do its work. It is much more difficult for the moisture to enter the skin if the skin is cold and rigid.

Body emulsion can be used to replace moisture in the skin after shaving. Shaving not only removes hair from the skin, but can also draw out natural oil and moisture. Using a moisturizer right after shaving, when the skin is dry but still warm, will help to quickly replace any lost moisture.

Although body emulsion is indicated for use on the entire body, it is not advisable to use it on the face. The skin on the face is quite delicate and is more prone to irritation than skin on any other parts of the body. It is also more prone to producing excess oil than other parts of the body. For these reasons, it is best to use lotions that are intended specifically for the face when moisturizing the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

There are many skin care companies that carry body emulsions in their product lines. Emulsions from high-end brands can be quite pricey. However, on the other end of the price spectrum there are generic and store-brand body lotions that are quite affordable.

Many skin care professionals believe that maintaining moisture in the skin is one of the best ways to prevent damage to the skin and keep skin looking young. Because skin can become especially dry in cold weather, body emulsion can be especially useful in the winter. In warm months, it can be used to replace moisture in skin that has been exposed to the sun. In fact, there are some body lotions that are formulated with a sun protection factor. These both moisturize the skin and reduce the risk of sunburn.

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Post 2

I actually prefer to use a solid moisturizer rather than a cream. You can get them now at organic stores, and special homemade soap stores.

They usually last longer, and are made from more natural ingredients (depending on where you get them) and they are easier to travel with. Plus you know you've done a good thing because they don't need the packaging that creams and emulsions do.

As an added bonus, they can usually be used as an impromptu massage bar if you need one.

Post 1

You can make your own cold cream at home easily enough using beeswax and oil like mineral oil. You can add any kind of scent you want. There are plenty of recipes online.

Cold cream is the most basic kind of body emulsion and I think they were using the same recipe back in the time of the Ancient Greeks.

It's pretty good for helping to take off makeup and just as a general cleanser and moisturizer. Making your own it won't contain all of the fancy stuff that is supposed to remove wrinkles and so forth, but it will be a lot cheaper.

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