What Is a Body Copy?

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Body copy is a term that is used to describe the primary text that is used in the body of an advertisement. Typically, this copy is the section of the advertising that focuses on providing the actual details related to the product or service. When written effectively, the body copy serves to inform customers of what the product is, how it is used, and why the product should be purchased.

The body copy is usually accompanied by other key elements of the advertisement, including the company logo that helps to establish who is marketing the product. Along with the logo, most advertising will also include a headline that is designed to capture the attention of consumers. Additional elements, such as subheadings that help to further entice consumers to read the whole advertisement, as well as graphics that attract the attention of potential customers, are also often included along with the body copy.


One of the main functions of the body copy is to fulfill the expectations set by the other elements in the advertising. This means that whatever promises are made by the headline or the graphics, the main text of the advertisement must provide readers with information that confirms those promises. In order to accomplish this goal, the body copy will usually begin by clear and concise details about the product, including what it is and how it is used. The copy will go on to address issues such as the benefits of choosing this product over all similar products, an idea of how expensive the product happens to be, and what type of consumer can make use of this product and improve their quality of life.

Effective body copy holds the attention of consumers long enough for them to form an opinion of the product and make a decision of whether it is worth their time and resources to give the product a try. When the copy is detailed enough to explain what the product is, how it is used and why it is a great deal, the chances of generating sales are greatly enhanced. By the same token, an advertisement may attract attention based on provocative headlines and eye-catching graphics, but if the body copy fails to provide data that consumers find helpful and interesting, the ad will ultimately fail to reach the right consumers and the effort will produce little to no results in terms of revenue.


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