What is a Body Chemical Peel?

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A body chemical peel is similar to a facial chemical peel. The main difference is that the chemicals used during a facial chemical peel are applied to the face, while the chemicals used during a body peel are applied to certain areas of the body. The goal of a body peel can be to eliminate stretch marks, tighten skin, or to rid the body of dead skin.

Body peels usually consist of alpha hydroxy acid and trichloroacetic acid. When applied to the skin, these acids have the ability to remove dead skin cells from a specific area. Since these chemicals are quite powerful, a chemical peel of any kind should be applied by a licensed medical doctor. Once chemicals have been applied to the skin, dead skin is sloughed off. The result of a body chemical peel is smoother skin that appears younger.

There are different body chemical peel types ranging from light to intensive peels. In order to get rid of sun damage or remove stretch marks, intensive chemical peels are often applied. When undergoing an intensive treatment, patients can expect a recovery time of up to two weeks. A light treatment may only require one to two recovery days.


Determining the right kind of body chemical peel can only be accomplished by a skin expert. While some people may require an intensive peel, others may benefit from a light peel. Generally, the chemical solution that is used for the body is stronger than the solution used for facial peels. Thus, a body chemical peel may be more expensive than a its facial equivalent.

In most instances, it is not a good idea to expose newly peeled skin to sunlight. Once chemicals have been applied to the skin, the skin will literally begin to peel, allowing for new skin to surface. New skin is sensitive, and harsh elements or strong sunlight can cause the skin to burn. Necessary recovery steps should be given to each patient following any kind of peel, and these steps should be followed precisely.

Many people believe that a body peel is the only way to get rid of stretch marks. While this type of treatment works in many cases, a chemical peel may not work for everyone. To find out if a body peel is a good choice, book a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Qualified skincare experts can be found by searching the Internet, through a referral, or by looking through a local phone book.


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Post 3

I can't use facial peels because my face is too sensitive and I get terrible side effects. But I love using body chemical peels. I use it for keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) on my upper arms and it works great.

This condition causes a lot of keratin production on my skin. So the result is bumpy and tough skin. Chemical peels for the body exfoliate very well and my arms become smooth and soft afterward.

Post 2

@turkay1-- Sure, you can use a face chemical peel on your back. I've used a face chemical peel on my leg before.

But since you want to use it on your back, make sure there is someone to help you with the process. As you know, chemical burns can happen when chemical peel products are left on too long or used too frequently. You also need to moisturize your skin during the peeling process to reduce irritation and speed-up healing.

You might not be able to reach your back, so ask someone to help you during the peeling process.

Post 1

If face and body chemical peels are basically the same thing, can I use a chemical face peel on my body?

I have a facial chemical peel that I use for acne blemishes. I have similar blemishes on my back so I'm wondering if I can just use it on my back.

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