What Is a Bluetooth® Amplifier?

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There are a few different products that can be considered a type of Bluetooth® amplifier. In some cases, a Bluetooth® amplifier can be used to increase the signals sent and received by any Bluetooth® devices in a given area. The term may also refer to an audio amplifier that is connected to other devices through Bluetooth®, allowing electronic devices to communicate wirelessly across short distances.

One type of Bluetooth® amplifier is a device that allows Bluetooth® devices to communicate over a larger area than they would normally be able to. Two or more devices that are communicating through Bluetooth® can, in theory, communicate with one another from a maximum distance of 328 feet (100 meters) away. In practice, however, as the devices are moved further apart, they may have difficulty communicating properly, and the signal can be lost, especially if there are a number of barriers, such as walls, in-between them. Using a special type of Bluetooth® amplifier known as a power amplifier increases the strength of the signals these devices use to communicate, making it possible for them to communicate reliably from the full 328 feet away.


A Bluetooth® amplifier can also be a device that amplifies audio signals. Though an amplifier is a machine that increases any kind of input, in most cases, the term is used to describe a device that makes audio signals louder. One of the most common types of Bluetooth® amplifiers is used on an earpiece. The earpiece rests near a person's ear and increases the output of an electronic signal that holds audio information. After the signal is amplified, it is sent to the speaker so the person with the earpiece can hear the audio. This amplifier works in the same way as other earpiece amplifiers except that it is connected to a telephone or music player through the use of Bluetooth®.

Other audio devices can also use Bluetooth® amplifiers. Amplifiers are frequently used along with sound systems in car stereos, home entertainment centers, and radios. Each of these systems receives either digital or analog audio information, amplifies this information to strengthen the signal and improve the quality of the sound, and then transmits the amplified information to a speaker that produces sounds. A Bluetooth® amplifier designed to work with any of these audio systems usually connects the amplifier to the speakers, the receiver, or both in order to allow these components to communicate from a distance. This eliminates the need for audio cables and speaker wires.


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