What Is a Blue Tube Headset?

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A blue tube headset uses a wireless tube which is filled with air to deliver sound to a cell phone user without emitting electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It has been discovered that using conventional cell phone headsets for long durations can be potentially harmful to a person's health, mainly because each time a cell phone is used, a small dose of EMR is emitted by the gadget and travels through the body of the user. Blue tube headsets have been found to be a safer alternative to conventional headsets, as they do not emit radiation.

Like the stethoscopes commonly used by doctors, the blue tube headset delivers crisp sound via an air filled, wireless tube. The headsets use an acoustic exchange principle for sound transmission without the use of wires. Replacing the wire with an air filled tube effectively reduces the risk of exposure to radiation. This type of headset is also durable and comfortable, in addition to being a safe alternative to traditional methods.


There are different models of the blue tube headset on the market. One company has developed an advanced type of blue tube headset that works to increase the distance between the user's head and the electromagnetic components of the cell phone for increased EMR protection. With a tiny speaker attached at the end of a flexible hollow tube, these advanced blue tube headsets ensure that users still receive high quality sound from their phones. Such headsets are highly recommended by doctors and other specialists as a safe way of using cell phones.

The blue tube headset incorporates several other features using advanced acoustic technology to deliver safe and superior communication. Some of these features include an enhanced speaker for crystal clear sound, an advanced internal wiring system that effectively reduces feedback and distortion, and a better ergonomic positioning that hangs the sound chamber between the wearer's cheek and collarbone. This kind of positioning reduces contact between the sound chamber and the user's body to prevent cell phone radiation from reaching the head.

In addition to preventing exposure to radiation, blue tube headsets are designed to avoid the overheating that is usually caused by prolonged phone use. Some of the microwave radiations that a typical cell phone emits have the potential to heat tissues around the ear region and might cause headaches and fatigue. For busy phone users the blue tube headset may be a good solution to reduce discomfort and exposure to harmful radiation from cell phones.


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