What Is a Blu-Ray Home Theater?

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A blu-ray home theater is a home entertainment system in a box. Including a blu-ray movie player and speakers, the blu-ray home theater also provides built-in streaming Wi-Fi™, includes several pay-per-view movie providers and allows videos to be played off of a connected universal serial bus (USB) drive. Often sold for $500 to $1,000 US Dollars (USD), the blu-ray home theater allows the user access to many home entertainment options for a relatively affordable price.

Unlike a typical home theater system that offers only a digital movie disk (DVD) or video games to be played on the system, the blu-ray home theater boasts complete entertainment from movies to music and video games all in one system. While often not as fast as the average home computer system, the blu-ray home theater also offers Internet computer service that can be used through the system. This makes it possible for a user to watch a movie, surf the Internet and play a video game all at the same time.


Requiring only a television set to complete the blu-ray home theater, most people are able to do the basic installation with only common hand tools in a minimal time period. The system contains all necessary components, such as speakers and speaker wire, connection cables and remote control units. Detailed instructions from most manufacturers make it relatively uncomplicated to complete the installation with little electronic experience. Simple connections permit a novice installer to achieve professional quality sound from the included speakers. Crystal clear and razor sharp images are possible from the television thanks to the technology that makes the blu-ray home theater possible.

While original movies are filmed at 24 frames per second, the blu-ray player is able to play back videos at 24 frames per second, adding to the cinema-like realism of the movie being viewed on the system. Couple all of this with a high-definition picture quality and the system is able to deliver the highest quality television picture available from any system to date. Another feature of the blu-ray home theater is the ability to operate every component of the system from a single, remote-controlled unit, so users just press a button to switch media. With energy-saver technology, the system is typically economical to operate and enjoy.


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