What is a Blog Skin?

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Blogging has become popular on the Internet, and there seem to be as many blog designs as there are opinions expressed within them. A blog skin is a template that helps express the writer's words with visual flair. These can serve many purposes for a blog and are incredibly easy to apply to a blog.

A blog skin is a digital program that can be applied to a blog. Normally, blogs come with built-in templates that automatically are applied. A blog skin can consist of a different color scheme, unique buttons and a particular arrangement of all of the elements, including text, photos and links.

There are countless examples of a blog skin being utilized in order to change the look. A blog focusing on a particular sports team, for example, can use a skin with team colors and possibly even the team mascot. A fashion blogger often will look for a skin that utilizes hip colors and maybe even has art with a clothing theme. A political blog can take on the colors of a nation's flag in order to subtly tell uninitiated readers about its focus. Many blog skins are less thematic than that but still can utilize a color scheme and symbols that are meaningful to the writer.


There are many reasons why a blogger chooses a blog skin. A properly chosen skin can make the blog stand out and be memorable for its appearance and hopefully draw in readers. This is important because there are thousands upon thousands of blogs around the world, often about similar topics, so any opportunity to look different is an exciting way to be unique. A blog's skin design can be just as important as a website's image because it provides many visual clues about the content of the blog. Poor choices in blog skins effectively can doom an otherwise great blog, because it can send a confusing message, be difficult to navigate or just visually turn off its readers.

Acquiring a blog skin is relatively simple for anyone with an Internet connection and a popular blog platform. There are many websites available that offer a wide variety of themed and color-coordinated blog templates. In most cases, these skins are free and can be downloaded quickly. Most blogging platforms have simple controls that allow users to input a new template with a few button clicks.


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