What is a Biodynamic Calendar?

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A biodynamic calendar is a farming and gardening calendar used by people interested in following biodynamic methods. In biodynamic agriculture, people attempt to work in harmony with nature to maximize yields and keep their cultivation practices sustainable. Biodynamic gardeners use a variety of techniques to enrich the soil, manage a balance of plantings, and care for animals on the land. This approach is often compared to organic gardening, as it involves gardening without applications of chemicals, but it is more complex and involves considering nature as a holistic system and working within that system.

Biodynamic gardeners believe that events in the garden are influenced by astronomical factors, such as cycles of the moon, and that planting, cultivation, and harvest should be carefully timed with these factors in mind. This belief is actually common to a number of cultures, and it is common to encounter legends associating specific phases of the moon, for example, with particularly productive plantings. The biodynamic calendar uses the phases of the moon and other astronomical events as a guide for providing advice on when to perform certain tasks in the garden.


The biodynamic calendar offers advice on when to work the soil, what kinds of preparations to apply to the garden, when to plant, when to work in the garden, and when to harvest crops. It is a form of planting calendar, but usually includes more advanced guidance for biodynamic gardeners, as their practices include applying very specific preparations, like horn manure, to the garden. The timing and placement of these preparations is important, and a biodynamic calendar can help people select the optimal period for various activities.

A plain, printed calendar with guidance for biodynamic gardeners is one option, and such biodynamic calendars can be found at some garden supply stores and nurseries, in addition to being ordered directly through companies specializing in biodynamic practices. People can also download calendars and use them on their computer if electronic scheduling is more comfortable for them, and there are biodynamic gardening software applications available for people who want to do things like tracking activities in the garden and monitoring yields with a software program.

Instruction in biodynamic gardening is available in some regions of the world so people can learn how to use a biodynamic calendar effectively and appropriately. Gardening classes also include lessons in preparing the soil, garden planning, and other topics of potential interest to biodynamic gardeners or people who want to integrate biodynamic aspects into their gardening practices.


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