What is a Billing Coordinator?

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A billing coordinator has many duties that must be completed from day to day, most of them involving the recording and negotiating of client bills. This job can include checking bills for accuracy, preparing invoices, calculating totals, discussing billing questions and arrangements with clients, and in the case of a medical office, negotiating insurance reimbursement with providers. The billing coordinator must be organized, efficient, and able to speak with customers who may be under stress due to unpaid debts.

When a client or patient receives a service, the billing coordinator must prepare an invoice to send to them. Clients can be individuals or businesses, and invoices must be written and printed using a specific format. This involves keeping accurate records of what services a client has received, the price of those services, and the mailing of the invoice itself.

The billing coordinator may also make payment arrangements with clients who can't pay in one lump sum. This service is generally offered for things like medical treatment, and not for services that are considered discretionary. Payment arrangement details will depend on the company and the client's ability to pay.


Billing coordinators may also be required to negotiate payments with insurance providers. This involves contacting the company and discussing the services a client receives and figuring out if those services are included within the client's coverage. If there is a problem, the billing coordinator may negotiate an agreement with the company or contact the client for further details or instructions.

In order for to become a billing coordinator, it is important to be organized, good with numbers, and comfortable working in a high stress environment. Making collection calls to clients who have not paid can be hard for many people to do, and it takes someone with thick skin to make such calls without becoming offended. Customers who can't pay their bills are more likely to be stressed, rude, and unresponsive.

Schooling may be required for many billing coordinator positions. Medical billing requires knowledge of specific medical terminology as well as the ability to work well with numbers. Accounting is another field of study that can help students enter this career field.

Most companies that offer services or products to consumers have a need for skilled billing coordinators. Needs may vary based on industry and location, but there will likely always be work available for most qualified candidates who wish to enter this career field. Some coordinators may also wish to become self-employed and work with several companies at once. This may help to increase income potential and industry experience in multiple arenas.


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Post 4

My friend who is a billing coordinator loves her job, but I could not handle doing what she does. She loves communicating with people and helping them find a way to settle their debt, even when they are short with her.

If anyone says an unkind word to me, I either fly off the handle or cry. I know I'm not cut out for the job of billing coordinator. It takes a special type of person, and that is someone who is both friendly and assertive.

My friend pays close attention to detail and is good at math, and that has also helped her out a lot in her career. She was made for this job.

Post 3

Front desk billing coordinators can get into a lot of trouble if the records don't match up. I worked for a newspaper for many years, and I remember the billing coordinator making a big mistake that cost the company thousands of dollars.

I don't know all the details, but I remember overhearing her telling a coworker what had happened. I could hear the fear in her voice and see the tears starting to form.

Since the company was already having financial troubles, the boss was furious and fired the lady. It was a sad day at the office for everyone. One simple mistake cost her the job she had worked at for nearly forty years.

Post 2

@Perdido – I agree with you. Thankfully, not all billing coordinators behave that way. I had a good experience with one who helped me pay off my debt in a way that made both of us happy.

I owed $1,000 to my phone company. When the billing coordinator called, she was friendly and helpful. She asked me how much I could afford to pay per month, and we worked it out to where I would have the debt paid off in ten months.

When I was still a few months away from having it paid in full, she called me again and offered to cut $300 off the debt if I paid the remainder in full. I took advantage of this, as many people would do. This is the kind of billing coordinator that gets good results.

Post 1

I think that a billing coordinator will get better results when making collection calls if they refrain from being rude. There are ways to get your point across without sounding insulting or threatening.

If the billing coordinator could simply state how much the person owed and when it needed to be paid by, that should be enough. The person obviously knows that they owe the place money, and yelling at them or threatening to sue them will not get it paid any faster, in most cases.

I had a billing coordinator call me up one time, and she launched right into being a bully and telling me what would happen if I didn't pay. This made me want to put off paying even longer. Had she been cordial, I would have been much more willing to talk to her.

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